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epic1 04-18-2010 4:50 PM

summer projects
I am going to replace the wiring and throw some led's on my trailer. thinking about a stero for the boat, and adding a battery, getting it wired to the existing switch.
What are you all planing?

scottnaz 04-18-2010 6:38 PM

I just finished up my off-season projects:

ripped out the sprinkler valve system and replaced with Tsunami fill pumps
vented the ballast bags
window tint (20%)
re-located the batteries for more room in storage
complete scrubbing of vinyl with exquisite cleaner, followed with babe's seat saver for UV protection

last to-do is to orbital buff with Driven's Restore to remove surface scratches, then follow up with Driven's Marine Polish

Of course, I've already been out a few times this year, so my season has already started (perk of livin in AZ :))

tro 04-18-2010 7:05 PM

my plan is to get my new wakesurf board in my possession. still waiting for it to be shipped. hopefully i will have it before summer ends.

oh yah, and some stereo upgrades including another amp, new batteries, on board charger, and a new Wetsounds XS 12.

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