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wake26 04-18-2010 2:11 PM

what a bummer
took the boat out and started to unwinterize it and get it ready to go to the lake. well after putting all the plugs in and hooking the hoses back up I started the motor looked at the exhaust and no water coming out waited for another min and still nothing. so I think I have a bad impeller. So I took the water pump off to inspect the impeller and it doesn't look that bad, but since it is already have it apart I will put a new one in but my question is will one go bad during the winter months? and can you tell if one is bad by just looking at? like I said just looking at it it looked ok. Bummer guess I will have to wait tell next weekend to put it on the lake:(

burtonrider_77 04-18-2010 5:03 PM

if the engine was drained it will take some time to get water out the back. sometimes almost a minute.... hope that helped

wake26 04-18-2010 6:15 PM

The thing was is it did start to come out for a little bit more out of the driver side then the passenger side but after a minute or two the water stopped all together and never picked back up.

johnny_defacto 04-18-2010 9:28 PM

yes impellers can go bad anytime. its a good idea to change it at the beginning of each season like you are doing now, especially if you do not run your boat year round. I do not really have an "off season" here and I do not have to winterize, so I change mine every 2 years or so.

I believe a trained eye can tell if its bad. I had one go bad on me and i put it side-by-side with the new one and it looked the same to me... sure enough i put the new one in and all was good.

mhunter 04-19-2010 5:22 AM

I always pull the impeller and store it outside the pump when its laid up for winter. I dont like having the impeller folded over for 8 months. Also if you fill the block with antifreeze you will eliminate the water fill time and insure that any water left in the trapped areas of the block are protected.

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