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kevin 04-18-2010 1:12 PM

Surge brakes lock up
I have surge brakes on my boat trailer and they seem to lock up pretty easy when I brake. Does anyone have any ideas or sugestions? Is that normal?

trace 04-18-2010 5:17 PM

Maybe the damping shock is worn out?

kevin 04-18-2010 7:12 PM

I'll check that and see what it looks like. How stiff should it be?

jonyb 04-18-2010 7:58 PM

Air in the lines? Boatmate adjusted mine for me last year when I was there and mine's been fine ever since. They were locking up before.

trace 04-19-2010 6:38 AM

Take the receiver hitch off the truck and hook it up to the ball to use as a lever to operate the master cylinder. It should be pretty stiff. IIRC it should take 5 sec or so to push it all the way down. Typically air in the lines makes brakes mushy, but I've seen stranger things.

rallyart 04-19-2010 7:45 AM

If you have one brake that locks you need to look for problems on the opposite side. Sticking parts or air in the wheel cylinder.

kevin 04-20-2010 11:24 PM

They both lock up. I can feel them start to grab and then if I brake much more than that they will both lock up and start smoking and you don't even really have to bake hard for it to do it.

nauti4life 04-21-2010 2:22 PM

How level is the trailer?

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