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samwise 04-18-2010 1:00 AM

2010 Monarch or 2010 Conspiracy
whats better on the cable? the 2010 Monarch or the 2010 Conspiracy ? and why?

tom_paz 04-18-2010 6:16 PM

Both are sick boards, the monarch was my favorite board ive ever ridden...until i hopped on the conspiracy. within one boat set and a few laps around the cable, the conspiracy was my new favorite. the conspiracy has a faster glide speed and a little faster edge hold than the monarch, and is just a hair grippier than the (finless) monarch to give great edge hold for air tricks. the conspiracy also has several extra durable features about it to make it last a really long time. it has a fiberglass rope infused with resin running along the edges to make a totally solid, seamless edge. theres nothing to split open. it can even be hit with a hammer on the edge without breaking. also the fins are made of ABS plastic, a dense material that can be slid down to little nubs and not have the foam from the core show through. these are really tough, i slid my conspiracy for 2 weeks at OWC and Ski Rixen this winter and other than some tiny surface scratches and swirl marks on the bottom, it looks like new.

the monarch has a double lap construction meaning the top layer wraps around the edge to the bottom and the bottom layer wraps around to the top. this make it more resistant to impacts and delaminations than a normal construction. I dont think it has the abs fins, but no doubt its a great board, it was very good to me!

Bottom line, both are great boards, but the conspiracy will hold up longer on rails due to the reinforced construction.

kyle_L 04-18-2010 7:25 PM

I rode the 08 monarch on the cable and the board fell apart in about 3 sets. The core that they used to make the board so light just got eaten alive by the rails and kickers. If they changed the core to something stronger then it is worth looking at but if not, don't bother. I also thought it was WAYYYY to slow for the cable. It's a really wide board all the way through the tip and tails and just drags ass on the cable that is already riding slower which is probably why you don't see Rathy riding it at the cable and using it mainly as a boat board.

tom_paz 04-18-2010 11:00 PM

Yes, the 2010 monarch uses a polyurethane or PU core which is like the gold standard in most boards. the PVC core was not very durable when it comes to rails, but now the new core is much stronger.

one of my favorite things about my conspiracy is that its awesome for both boat and cable and durable enough to take a ton of slams off kickers and rails.

txwakerider14 04-19-2010 12:33 PM

I am actually trying to decide between these two boards as well. I wold like to know how it ride behind the boat though, I ride a lot of cable, but I am more focused on boat. I currently ride last years ERA (which is discontiued) I have recently felt my ERA has been a little to slow and heavy and riding too deep in the water for my liking ( more like a shovel than a wakeboard). I plan on riding both boards before I make a decision, but i want to hear some people thoughts on them first.

tom_paz 04-19-2010 4:17 PM

Well i have ridden both boards behind the boat as well, and I am primarily a boat rider. my only time to get on the cable is when on vacation! the monarch was my absolute favorite board behind the boat but my only complaint was it was a little slow (i was spoiled speed-wise after half a year on the marek) on the glide speed. I didnt notice it edging in, but i did notice getting tired earlier on in my set. In my opinion the conspiracy is a perfect mix of the marek and monarch. it has much faster glide speed than the monarch (not quite as fast as marek but pretty close) and the molded fins are a tiny bit bigger than the monarch so its just a hair grippier, but since the fins end before the tail it releases of the wake a little quicker than the monarch. it has a similar rocker to the monarch so the pop is similar and thunderous, and shares the smooth relaxed feel on the surface as well. i have said it before and will do again that the conspiracy is my favorite board ive ever ridden. another great bonus it is a super sick board for cable, so you dont need to another board for that!

rivrat 04-19-2010 10:26 PM

I have an 09 monarch and a 10 consparicy I like both boards but I like the monarch a lot better better behind the boat its seem faster on edge better pop and easier release off the wake. But i ride a lot of sliders and my consparicy is great for that it holds up real well and it slides and presses nice. I've also been riding a lot of the B-side and i love that behind the boat and it also has the abs fins so they should hold up on the sliders. Be sure and check all three out there all great boards

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