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efroote 04-17-2010 8:52 AM

LF henshaw FLX tried????
Anybody tried out this board. Sounds like a really good board for cable?????

04-17-2010 9:17 AM

Yeah the Henshaw is amazing on the rails. Ive riddin it a few times out at The East Coast Wake Park and it seems to hold up really well and slide fast whether the rail is wet or dry, you should try it out!

efroote 04-17-2010 9:41 AM

fast, is that good or bad? sounds scary if its fast on dry rails? Hows the flex?

Luker 04-17-2010 3:41 PM

super super flexy... the grind base catches a bit on trex though especially at first. Fun board.

04-17-2010 6:32 PM

Fast as in good, what im trying to say is that is doesnt drag or feel like its going to catch

efroote 04-17-2010 11:53 PM

ok, thanks! choosing between watson hybrid 139 or FLX 142. The FLX 138 might be too small for me, my weight 170 pounds! ? Is a big board good or bad for hitting rails in a cable park?

Luker 04-18-2010 1:49 PM

You can press a little more on a longer board but the dif is minimal honestly. If its just for cable I'd go with the FLX but if you'll be using it on rails and the boat get the hybrid... thats what I ride and I really like it behind the boat.

kyle_L 04-18-2010 2:48 PM

At the cable, the word on the FLX is that it is VERY flexy, some say too much flex. I would go with the Watson hybrid because of the bottom contours and molded fins. The FLX will be the best board for rails exclusively but the Hybrid will be better for rails + kickers landing and knees wise. I also like having molded fins or sides fins to help lock onto a rail if you are doing presses. I will say that you see A LOT OF WATSON HYBRIDS and not many FLX boards.

ghettofab 04-18-2010 2:50 PM

slingshot reflex best cable board on the market....

odub0perator 04-18-2010 2:53 PM

watson hybrid bro! dont get the FLX, doesnt get much pop, and the watson is stiffer in the middle and real flexy in the tip and tail so its still great for presses and stuff. i got it about 3 weeks ago, and its a siick board! plus, waaay cooler graphics.

chrishopf 04-19-2010 5:37 AM

The FLX is hands down the best rail board EVER!

efroote 04-19-2010 12:54 PM

Big fan of kickers and my knees aint so good! Ok, the flx is best for rails only rails! I go for a watson hybrid! Thanks!

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