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13carter 04-15-2010 4:20 PM

09 Liquid Force Watson
Looking for a good deal on a 138 09 Liquid Force Watson.

spencerwm 04-15-2010 4:30 PM

I don't know of anyone that has been left over. Keep looking at the intraweb. You might find one. If you don't remember that the Watson Classic is $349.99 this year brand new with a pretty nice graphic I might add.

gmcevoy 04-15-2010 6:47 PM


13carter 04-15-2010 7:57 PM

Alright thanks man, I messaged the guy thats selling that watson but haven't heard back from him.

superair502 04-15-2010 8:20 PM

I will sell u my 138 for the right price

13carter 04-15-2010 8:26 PM

How much are you asking for it? And do you have any pictures of it?

stephisto47 04-16-2010 4:43 AM

Found this here on Wakeworld in the classifieds. http://www.wakeworld.com/classifield...g.php?view=359

EDIT: Woops, Greg beat me to it.

jburbo 04-16-2010 12:46 PM

Chad, sorry i havent replied to your messages. started a new job this week....
i actually sold the Watson locally the same day I placed the ad, someone from DCWake is picking it up. Im sorry man...

13carter 04-16-2010 3:45 PM

It's cool man, if you hear of anyone else selling a 09 138 Watson will let me know?

kristian 04-16-2010 4:05 PM

Pick up the phone and start calling the bigger shops, you may be lucky and find one, they don't always put up their full stock of closeouts on their websites.
You should also get warranty with it too that way (I could be wrong about this).

superair502 04-18-2010 5:00 AM

I could sell it to you for 240. There is a small spot at the tip on the bottom about 1cm where the shell of the board had cracked from what idk Never used on sliders. but I went ahea and pulled the hanging piece off. Not even noticeable. I'm gonna demo the new Watson if I like it it's yours. Email me
It's a 138 black graphic(non limited) thelimiteds ride alot looser actually I talked to Watson about it when I met him he said the base material is thicker so the fins aren't as long. I assumed u wanted the black one?

stang_killa_ss 04-19-2010 8:18 AM

i picked up a 09 138 watson from evo gear 2 months ago for 179 shipped to my door!

David126 04-19-2010 2:12 PM

Cory, how do you like your watson?

stang_killa_ss 04-19-2010 2:57 PM

so far so good. i like the big center spine, also my first board riding finless, and i love it. (previus boards didnt have molded fins, slingshot, shane, 3DS, Parks etc) when i nail my technique/form, and the planets align and i hit the wake just right. the boot is unreal. you actually feel the extra height. plus its one of the few boards that didnt have the gay 80s graphics. that was the biggest draw for me.

David126 04-21-2010 7:46 PM

evogear has 20% off all outlet boards. this makes the watson 207 with free shipping

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