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benbuchholz 04-15-2010 1:58 PM

Board suggestions?
I know there are tons of these threads, but I'm looking to upgrade from my '06 Obrien Oasis 142. I want to get a board that I can both ride behind the wake with, and also hit sliders, since MN has a cable this summer. Other than the Slingshot boards, what else is out there for options, and opinions on each? I know the CWB Vibe is a great option, but I don't really want to spend $500. well i do, i just dont have it to spend. thanks ahead of time for any advice. oh and if anyone's looking at selling a setup, let me know, because I'm fine buying used too.

andy_nintzel 04-15-2010 2:19 PM

Ben I would tell you to stay with what you know, O'brien! In fact if you wanna get together some time you can ride pretty much every board from O'brien. Also I have some O'brien Locals and R5s tht you could use on the Cable they are GREAT!!!!!!! Cheap and they have a Full slider warranty!

linz 04-15-2010 2:19 PM

Hi Ben!
Hyperlite's new B-Side would be a great board for you. It's designed to be a freeride board and the fins are set back from the tip and tail to give you more control on sliders. It comes in a 140 and 144. If you are looking to save money, another option might be the tribute...it has similarly set-back fins.
Hope that helps!

steezyshots 04-15-2010 3:35 PM

Go for the BSide! Sickest board out this year!

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