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steezin4noreason 04-15-2010 8:29 AM

New Nautique Ad in Alliance
Just got the newest issue of alliance and noticed a pretty sick Nautique ad towards the back. The layout was pretty cool and they're getting a little bold with the "no X this or VLX that" statement. Good to see someone shake it up a bit.

spencerwm 04-15-2010 2:26 PM

I saw that ad too. Nice layout and you can't go wrong with a shot of Byerly. His Icon edition 210 throws an awesome wake. With that said I don't think the X or the VLX would want to be called a Nautique anymore. Seems like Mastercraft and Malibu have taken what Correct Craft started and blazed a new trail. I would love to see more from them in the next couple years. Just my 2 cents.

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