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dcervenka 04-14-2010 1:59 PM

Golf - Augusta National
Any wakeworlder happen to be a club member...? ;)

wake77 04-15-2010 5:16 AM

I don't think so.

jyoungusa 04-15-2010 7:10 AM

Lived in Augusta for a couple of years - very protective of the property (both physical and marketing) wife was part of employee health program - they walked the guests directly to the room, brought lunches in, gave her a list of souvniers they could buy, and then walked them directly back out to the cars - no looking around.

You might get lucky enough to have the child of member on WW but kind of doubt it. If I remember correctly Bill Gates was not invited to join - not old school/old money.

wake77 04-15-2010 10:28 AM

Here is the list of Augusta National Members in 2005:


Bill Gates is a member.

The only member I see on here from WW, is David Williams.

jyoungusa 04-15-2010 10:55 AM

I lived there from 2001 - 2004 and remember discussions about Bill Gates and membership during the timeframe - a lot of old money and inheritence in that list ....

brianmiller 04-15-2010 1:47 PM

looking at that list there will be a lot of openings in the next 10 years

dcervenka 04-17-2010 5:36 PM

Thanks guys! Yeah I know it's a loooong shot and I was trying to keep it around 2 degrees of separation, but I guess that "Augusta National Golf Club has about 300 members at any given time." it will be tough.

I noticed Gates and Buffet are on the list.. hmmm... do they even play golf????

Thanks Jeremy! I didn't realize they let their janitorial service employees play rounds as well. Yo.. Williams why you hold'n out!

dlwsrider 04-18-2010 11:48 AM

The Athletic Director of my school is a member. His grand daughter is in one of the sororities on campus.

It's go time.

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