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ship_of_fools 04-13-2010 3:34 PM

Shore Chargers - Need Help Please
I know there are a lot of threads out here about batteries and chargers. But I haven't seen too many that go into great detail about the proper shore charger.

And, every time I read any thread about batteries I just get more confused....

So, sorry if this is redundant, but I would like to ask about how I should be charging my specific battery bank.

I have (2) Group 31 deep cell batteries powering my stereo and (1) marine starting battery for the engine. I have my batteries connected to a Yandina 100 combiner.

In the past we have mostly been wakeboarding while having the stereo cranked. But this year I think we will try to float and relax more while out on the lake. So I just added the second deep cell battery this week.

In the past, I have just used a Battery Tender to maintain the charge while on shore. But now with (2) deep cell batteries I am going to guess that won't cut it.

I also have a 2/35/200 amp battery charger/starter but it isn't very high tech and I don't think it will shut itself off once the batteries are fully charged.

So what is the best way not to toast my batteries and maintain the proper charge?

brian_b 04-13-2010 5:59 PM

Most people are using promariner brand onboard chargers. Just plug it in when you get home. As for wiring, I'm not experienced enough to answer any questions there.

ship_of_fools 04-13-2010 6:17 PM

Ohh, I guess I should mention that maybe I really don't even need a "Shore Charger" per say. When the boat is not in use it is park in my garage and I can connect any type of charger.

It is my understanding the Yandina Combiner will regulate the charge between the battery banks but I would think I still need something that will shut down once they are fully charged. And, I thought the amperage of the charger should be a certain percentage of the amp hours on the batteries?? So I am not sure what size charger I should be using.

mikeski 04-13-2010 7:46 PM

If the batteries get too low the Yandina will not click in and stay clicked in long enough to charge them, watch the LED on the Yandina to make sure that doesn't happen. I just picked up a Schumacher 12000a battery charger, my previous West Marine 15A charger did a good job but I don't think it quite had the oomph to charge my 3 batteries when they were all connected. If the Yandina doesn't stay locked in you will need to hook the charger directly to the batteries.


hatepain 04-14-2010 6:54 AM

I have a Schumacher SSC-1500a ship and shore charger. It does a great job even with the huge batteries(8D's) I have in my boat. It has different settings for the three different types of batteries as well as three different amp rates. It also gives you the option of showing the volts or percentage of charge.

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