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weird visual 07-26-2001 8:27 AM

One of my ridding mates and I are now trying Tantrums and we both seem to be having the same problem. We were previously trying to flip before the wake and thus not getting all the way around. Now we have both started to wait for the pop but it seems that we are turning to revert when we go big. Someone in the boat said it almost looks like a flat spin with the flip in the middle. (weird visual) It seems that the harder we cut the more rotation we get. I'm thinking it could be that we are going past square when we hit the wake but we aren't really sure. We are really close so any help would be appreciated. <BR> <BR>Thanks in advance, <BR> <BR>Mike

nice pic huh? 07-26-2001 5:53 PM

Hey mike <BR> <BR>I ride right foot forward so I will be trying to help you from that point of view. If you are left forward just reverse the way I talk about it. <BR> <BR>On a tantrum if you are going to revert then you must not be getting completely square or you are kicking your back foot around during mid flight. When you are about to pop off the wake square your shoulders completely to the wake, and I mean <BR> <BR>==O==> <BR>WWWW (nice pic huh?) <BR> <BR>Then when you pop throw it upwards not diving out the back. <BR>When most people try to go revert you have to grab the handle with the back hand after the flip and take it around to a 180. On a regular tantrum you can keep your back hand pointed out for balance. You should never rotate in towards the rope at all during the trick if you get completely square to the wake before take off <BR> <BR>If you are rotating the opposite way from a heelside 180 then you are pulling on the handle as you go over with the flip this is causing you to rotate blind. This is how you setup the whirlybird so try not to yank on the handle until you want to try tantrum to blind or a whirly. <BR> <BR>Hope this helps <BR> <BR>Ride On <BR> <BR>Robby Rentfrow

07-29-2001 11:18 AM

It may be that you are remaining on H/S edge when you pop. I know that if I don't flatten the board a foot or 2 before the wake and then wait for the pop I will rotate as you described. I have found that if I take a hard progressive cut, flatten the board just before the wake, wait for the pop, throw my trailing hand back over my trailing shoulder and my head back the flip is very quick and I don't initiate any rotation. Hope this helps.

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