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behindtheboat 04-12-2010 6:57 AM

Need a PWT commercial
Thought/Suggestion here.

With all the amazing videos on here (Norbi's, Chad's, etc), take some of that footage and make a little 45sec commercial showing how the level of riding can be expected to boost this year, something like "New format, Next level riding".. or new tricks something like that.

I know I'll likely go to whatever comp I can make it to, but I think showing that the riding level has far surpassed what it used to be, and how many riders are right there pushing that level, will really get the maybe's to make the drive to attend the nearest comp to them, which is a win for everyone involved. Plus it'd be something that could be on websites and tv marketing channels

I don't have Fuel, so if there is a commercial of any sorts already I apologize.

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