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shadow7874 04-11-2010 4:04 PM

A few general questions
Got a few things Ive been thinking about doing for the summer.
First off, I was thinking about trying to talk my parents into buying a tower but I can't seem to find one that looks good for under 1700 or so. The best looking one for the price I've found is the aerial airborne tower. Does anyone have any other recommendations?

Next I was thinking about adding some ballast to get some bigger wake but I'm not sure how much our boat can hold. It's an ebbtide campione 210. I've considered two options really. First was a 1500 lb sac that would take up most of the space in the boat. Second was to use bags to fill the ski locker, cubbies beside the motor, and maybe some up front. Does even a few hundred PBS of ballast make a noticable difference or would I be wasting time?

Also is it possibl to add perfect pass to a boat?

jtnz 04-11-2010 9:04 PM

What size motor is in your boat? That as well as the specs of your prop might limit you to less than 1500lbs of ballast. In other words if you put too much weight in your boat it might not be able to get on plane.

Yes you can retrofit perfect pass, I've never done it but it is talked about often on these boards. You will need to cut a hole in the hull for the paddle wheel unless you use Star Gazer (GPS based system). I'm not 100% sure but Star Gazer might only work with a throttle by wire set up.

The more weight you get in your boat the bigger the wake, a few hundred pounds will make a difference. Weight the front to make your wake longer and more mellow (Rampy), put weight in the back to make the wake steeper. I would start by spreading the weight out evenly Front and Back, see what it looks like and then if you're not happy shift the weight until you find the right combination for your boat and what you like as a rider.

shadow7874 04-11-2010 9:40 PM

Its got a 5.7 liter V8 so should do ok with a decent amount of weight i suppose. Ill probably wait a little bit for the ballast since im fairly in experienced but i would like to find a tower that i could convince my parents to buy. And perfect pass would be awesome since it seems so hard to find that sweet spot especially with some of my friends driving...

If anyone has some info on the perfect pass retro fit please post it, im gonna go search a little now but i really gotta go to bed cause i got class at 7 and its almost 1 now...

bmr82 04-12-2010 5:24 AM

bigairpylons.com has a new tower out. You should check in to that if you haven't already. Perfect pass is a life saver, or in my case a marraige saver. I personally would focus more on the tower and perfect pass first. THen you will have more friends and won't need that ballast.

bmartin 04-12-2010 7:12 AM

Monster tower. Get 3 or 4 400-600 lb sacs and experiment with weight distribution but most I/Os like 50% weight up front. Can get some 30-50 gal tupperware totes and a bucket for some really cheap ballast to start. PP cruise with a low pitch prop is a good first step that is budget friendly and will not require you to install a paddle wheel speedo. PP and a low pitch prop would be my first priority.

ltwake 04-19-2010 5:37 PM

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liljohn 04-19-2010 5:52 PM

were do you live? if your anywere near seattle I can get you a smoking deal on a titan3 tower.

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