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baitkiller 04-11-2010 7:58 AM

2010 Ronix Vision
Question: I just hooked up my little grom with a new stick for his birthday. The Vision has molded side fins, one side being a little longer than the other. This leads me to the conclusion that this board has a front and a back unlike the typical wake-board. The advertisement states that the longer set of fins is to help hold a toe-side edge. So when I set up the board I put the toes of the boots to the side of the board with the longer fins...Right?

Wait a minute,,,, not a front and a back but definitely a left and a right. It will still work for either stance because both ends are the same. OK.... so the toes to the long side.....I think...
yes? No?

BTW this thing is the bomb! I bet it weighs half of what his old O'Brien 119 does plus a ton of rocker and a really progressive edge line. The boots,,,... well the boots are awesome. I can't wait to see him ride it. I think I'm more exited than he is... :)

benjaminp 04-11-2010 9:35 AM

Yes toes to the side with the longer fins. It doesnt have a front and a back because its a twin tip wakeboard, so you can still ride it switch and get the benefits of the asymmetrical design.

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