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waketowake 04-10-2010 8:04 AM

amp to the fuse box or battery?
So i have my 500 watt rms keenwood amp thats hooked up to a 12" pioneer and one 10" JL. For the last few moths i've been ghetto rigging the power to the batteries. My question is should i power my amp through the fuse box, or straight from the battery with a fuse on the wire.

Please don't be harsh if this is dumb.

breakz77 04-10-2010 8:18 AM

Straight from the battery with an inline fuse

espritv8 04-10-2010 8:19 AM

In every setup i've seen so far, it's always connected directly to the batteries. I guess the fuse panel is not made for that and it would be hard to get a 0 or 4 gage cable connected there...

But why would get it on the fuse panel anyways?

waketowake 04-10-2010 9:07 AM

Thats what my dad said, and he knows what he likes. We tried looking for the fuse box today, and found out that it wasn't set up for it. Thanks guys one more question, i have the M6450 stock amp powering the inside speakers, and one more stock JL powering the 4 tower speakers. Should i add another battery since i'm adding the keenwood?

chpthril 04-10-2010 9:24 AM

From a fire and safety standpoint, it needs to be connected to the battery. It's not so much that the fuse block is not made for it, bit that the power wire feeding the fuse box is not large enough to carry the additional load of something like and amplifier. Kinda like towing a 44" foot cruiser with a 1/2 ton truck..........yeah, it's got a hitch receiver, but it was never intended to carry that kind of load.

brian_b 04-10-2010 2:28 PM

How many batteries do you have now, and how/when are you looking to enjoy your system? But I would say yes.

waketowake 04-10-2010 9:41 PM

I have two batteries now. 50% wakeboard 50% dock.

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