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pierem 04-09-2010 11:07 AM

Ronix Bill 2010 138 ?
I'm 175 lbs and I'm looking for a new board as y broke my Mana 142 on the cable. I'm in France for 10 days to ride cable and I need a new board but unfortunately you don't have a lot of choice here. The best options are a Ronix bill 2010 138 or a watson 139 2010 (no grind base).
I ride 50 % boat 50 % cable.
The ronix bill looks good for cable but it's say that it's a good board for long rope and high speed behind the speed (not really my kind of riding).
And the watson doesn't have a grind base so I would destroy it up pretty quickly...
And they don't have anything bigger...
I'm pretty ****ed up but I need to take one of those.
Any advice about those board for my weight?
thank you

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