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wakeworld 04-09-2010 9:51 AM

Do You Notice A Speed Increase On WakeWorld?
We moved the databases to a faster server and doubled our RAM to try to pick up some more speed for the website. It feels much snappier to me, but I want to see if you all feel the same. Let me know how it's working for you. Thanks for your input!

04-09-2010 10:13 AM

I sure do the threads load up alot faster no more black blank screen!

rallyart 04-09-2010 11:20 AM

Faster, less frustrating, and it's got a good beat to it so you can dance.

jps912 04-09-2010 11:37 AM

Yup loadin up much faster

behindtheboat 04-09-2010 2:31 PM

Yes sir!

hockeysk8er222 04-09-2010 7:33 PM

Much Faster. And now I don't have time to actually take a set while I wait for a page to load. :D

wakedad33 04-09-2010 7:51 PM

Money Dave!!! Photos load up on my computer lighting fast. Thanks.

mikeym 04-10-2010 9:43 AM

Much faster Dave, thanks for tweeking the code!

hawkeye7708 04-10-2010 4:52 PM

Yup! I dig it!

zuka666 04-10-2010 7:10 PM

Holy Crap DAVID!!!! Instant message.
Make sure everything is date and time stamped! Get rid of posted "yesterday" or "today". My 2cents>

zuka666 04-10-2010 7:14 PM

Also who cares about my recent activity? Hmmm!

zuka666 04-10-2010 7:15 PM

Get rid of that!

This forum requires that you wait 30 seconds between posts. Please try again in 8 seconds. "Ha ha ha" __ZUKA

JJ 04-11-2010 9:04 AM

Much much faster. Thanks!

dabell 04-11-2010 9:05 AM

A little faster for sure. Thanks

calvolson 04-11-2010 12:52 PM

For sure, search times are much better. Thanks!

eshowcase 04-12-2010 8:10 AM

Yes much fast, but I can't seem to log-into the community mywakespace. I log-in, it just brings me back to the log-in screen? No errors?

wakeworld 04-12-2010 9:38 AM

Leon: You need to click one of the Log Out buttons (there's one on the front page) and then restart your browser. It's an old bug that has been fixed, but you need to explicitly log out and restart to clear it out of your browser. Sorry about that.

ridetillurdead26 04-13-2010 9:02 AM

It is noticeably faster! The only problem is that I am already getting spam in my wakespace inbox :(

denverd1 04-13-2010 3:41 PM

AhaH! Couldn't figure out why I didn't stay logged in....

Lovin the new site!

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