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petrey10 04-09-2010 8:47 AM

Updated System... Time for Battery Update
I just upgraded my system and I will list components below. I now want to upgrade the batteries for my system. I would love to be able to sit in party cove and sit about 50% turned up for about 2 hours without having to start the engine and just drink and relax. I have an ACR in between my starting and stereo battery. What I would like to do is leave the starting battery the way it is but upgrade my stereo battery and also add another so I would have two stereo batteries and then my starting battery. My problem is I am not a stereo buff and don't really know that much about batteries so I need help selecting the battery that I need to accomplish my goal. Your recommendations are welcome and appreciated. I also would like to stay some what on the low side but if its needed I can and will spend the money. Below is my system.

Kenwood cheapo head unit (will get replaced in time)

pair of Kicker KMT6s powered by Kicker 08zx450.2 amp

two pair of Kicker KM6000s and Sony Xplode(also goin to be replaced at some point) 900w 10'' sub powered by Kicker 08zx700.5

Also I am going to add two bank charger for the 2 stereo batteries... it is a Basspro 2 bank (5amps each bank) charger. Yeah yeah I know its not a high dollar charger but its got a warranty and should work just great as it is three stage and all that jazz.

brian_b 04-09-2010 9:52 AM

Lots of useful threads on this exact topic lately. Read further down the page, or do a search. My recent experience exemplifies two main points:
1. Playing time will depend much more on using your system smarter, vs. filling your boat with batteries.
2. Not a good place to try and save money.

I don't have enough personal knowledge to comment further, but I did listen to some very smart people from these boards and those discussions can be found easily.

petrey10 04-09-2010 12:01 PM

i did a search... ur right lots of stuff out there... lots of opinions on different batteries to use... I think I want to use two 6v golf cart batteries in series but again I would love some people's expert opinions... I think the GC batteries would be the best bang for my buck.... Like I stated I want to be able to sit in party cove for about 2 hrs give or take

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