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willrice 04-09-2010 8:28 AM

Gauges for Fat Sacs
Has anyone on here tried or thought about a way to make a gauge for fat sacs to so you could see how full they were without looking? I realize it's not that big of a deal to just open the hatches and look, but it would be cool to not have to. I have some ideas but I'm not sure if it would actually work or be cost effective.

chpthril 04-09-2010 8:49 AM

Timer module with an output to a gauge. Tige does it on their 2010's, but it's not shown on a gauge, but the LCD screen.

bremsen 04-09-2010 8:52 AM

I don't know what type of senders they use, but you can buy the nautique gauges

h2ohangtime 04-09-2010 8:55 AM

It would seem that you would have to use some sort of flow meter on the input to each bag to gauge how much water is going in.

bmr82 04-09-2010 10:02 AM

I was was gonna say some kind of flow meter would be the best. So ^^^^^^^^^^ X2.

willrice 04-09-2010 10:19 AM

Yea using a flow meter was what I was thinking of too. You would have to run the output signal from the flow rate sensor through some circuitry to convert it to a signal that corresponds to a volume that has passed through the flow meter. Then your gauge would also have to be calibrated to match the signal corresponding to the volume.

jonblarc7 04-09-2010 10:20 AM

Just put a vent line on your sac. When you hear water coming out the side of your boat you know its full. Cheap and easy

jaxm211 04-09-2010 11:15 AM

you could do something like this
a little smaller one
a bit spendy though for what it does for you

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