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nautique220 04-08-2010 8:29 PM

Sub Question
I'm sure this has been covered before but i couldnt find anything. I've got an 09 SAN 210 and I'm wanting to replace the polk subwoofer behind the drivers seat. I'm going to keep the factory location because i dont want to lose any storage. It's currently a 10" sub, and i dont know if it's possible to fit a 12". Any suggestions on a good free air sub? Im just wanting more bass than the polk is putting out. I appreciate any help

chattwake 04-09-2010 6:15 AM

Wetsounds makes a killer free air 10" sub. It will do much much better than the stock polk 10.

chpthril 04-09-2010 7:38 AM

First thing I would do is see if the polk is properly powered and tuned to your liking. If so, and you are not happy with it, the a sub swap would be the next option. The wet Sounds xs-10FA and the Kicker Comp VR-10 are my favs, but both like a solid 400 watts rms, so you will probably need a new amp as well.

bremsen 04-09-2010 7:56 AM

Here are some of David@Earmark's thoughts on the 09 factory setup.

rebelman10 04-09-2010 12:04 PM

Im with mike on tuning the sub. Thats the main reason subs and amps get a bad name, not tuned! I have a 220 also I kept my polk 10 and put 2 kicker 10" cvt shollow mount subs (which take up very little room) behind each back seat or which ever way you want to look at it, in front of the two big lockers on each side of the engine compartment. Loaded with aditional 1000w bamm a ripple effect, and ripple is GOOD!

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