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jason95gt 04-08-2010 2:37 PM

Kyle Rattray no switch moves
I just got done reading the interview of Kyle and I can't believe a ride of his caliber doesn't do switch tricks nor really practices them. Furthermore, I doubt anyone would have noticed this if he didn't state it.

What are others thoughts?

Besides some 180's I don't ride switch hardly either, but I am not sponsored either.

coyotesexual 04-08-2010 2:56 PM

I find it pretty hard to notice whether a rider is doing switch tricks. Unless the move is back to back (when watching video) I'm really focused on what the move looks like, to notice if it's switch. Not that I don't appreciate switch, it's really sick to watch someone go out and throw together a line where they do moves regular and switch back to back, I'm just saying that its probably underappreciated. There are probably quite a few high level riders who don't do anything switch, it wouldn't surprise me.

Luker 04-08-2010 3:08 PM

Make an effort to learn a riders stance, and note when they do switch tricks in video parts. Your appreciation for just how good some of them are will grow exponentially.

wakeslife 04-08-2010 4:29 PM

This might be ignorant, but who cares unless you're contest riding? There's no point in adding difficulty to tricks that would look the same when freeriding IMO...

benjaminp 04-08-2010 4:57 PM

I think the added difficulty makes the trick "better". Pros look effortless when they ride. And then when you find out they have just done that 900 in the hardest possible way they could...its beautiful. Same thing as adding another 180 to a spin.

kyle_L 04-08-2010 5:02 PM

I personally see no point in doing switch stuff unless you have to, like a pro. Unfortunately they need switch stuff in their runs to do well, which i think is dumb. Kids like Jimmy LaRiche and Nick Davies who grew up on the cable don't have a switch or regular. They do different tricks in different stances based on their comfort level with that trick. If you look at Jimmy, you will rarely see him spin anything 7 or up "regular", it is always "switch" but he gets more credit for his 9 and 10 because they were switch. Once you are comfortable riding switch, it just becomes like riding regular regardless and if you spend enough time doing it, you will get comfortable. Then, like Jimmy, you find tricks that are actually easier for you doing them "switch" and kind of makes it a dumb thing to me that people take seriously for no reason.

04-08-2010 5:21 PM

switch tricks are gay.... always have been, always will be... make ur regular tricks look better!!!

dmorrison22 04-08-2010 5:38 PM

I also think that it doubles all the tricks out there to learn. We all know how awesome it is to land a new trick, so if your a pro and do every trick in the book, then they try and learn them all switch. I think pros view it as learning a new trick, because IMO it is a new trick.

Regardless I find it highly impressive if you can throw down switch.

joe_crawley 04-08-2010 5:43 PM

JD's part in hi-light. nuff said. I always find it super lame when a video part consists of almost no switch hits.

01CableRat 04-08-2010 7:20 PM

its limiting to not practice your switch, once you can do the same both ways you open yourself up to way more combos plus it makes you a better all around rider. Some said it before but yea most good cable riders stop thinking in terms of switch and regular after a while

lfadam 04-08-2010 7:39 PM

The point of switch is that

A.)Its fun.
B.)It makes you a more skilled, diverse, and complete rider.

Switch tricks feel completely different than regular ones, so learning tricks switch is fun for me. And it just adds tricks to you bag, if you want to have another trick from ___ side of the wake then you can learn a trick switch and be able to throw it where ever you want. I dont think of switch tricks as a requirement, I WANT to learn them. Its fun.

waterdork88 04-08-2010 11:51 PM

I agree, do what feels good to you. I personally love watching sick moves go down, regular and switch, in a line. That just tells me that the rider isn't playing around and getting lucky on a trick.

bmr82 04-09-2010 5:04 AM

If I could do any tricks switch,, I would. Maybe no one will notice but it would please me, and that's all that matters really.

jmuthafnp 04-09-2010 6:10 AM

I heard Kyle quit trying switch tricks because Josh Palma works/rides at the camp with Kyle. Palma's switch tricks were just just way too much for Kyle to keep up, so Kyle said I am going to buck the trend and just not do switch tricks anymore and really focus on his regular stance riding. I can't confirm nor deny this, but it's just what I heard.

skiboarder 04-09-2010 7:49 AM

Rattary rips, I won't judge him. I appreciate his honesty.

When it comes to spins, I rotate better counter-clockwise. Regular vs Switch is irrelavant.

jarrod 04-09-2010 7:54 AM

Switch tricks are gay?? What a contribution to the thread that was.

Learning tricks switch will make you a better rider in the long run.

Luker 04-09-2010 8:07 AM

^ Yeah bro.. a few of these responses got me scratchin my head... The lack of respect for switch tricks in here is kinda blowin my mind.

When me and my crew watch wake flicks one of the most common phrases you'll hear is, "Holy F, that was switch" haha! Respect for switch... everyone else is just hatin'

captain_vilfo 04-09-2010 8:12 AM

I've always made an effort to learn switch tricks. Feels pretty sweet to go out and stomp tricks you can do regular and then do them "backwards".

john211 04-09-2010 8:23 AM

Switch is stylish. You land switch, you stay switch, & do your next trick from there (and not tick-tock around).

I've seen Kyle ride, in person. I didn't notice if he rode switch any or not.

It was election week, a cold rainy week in Orlando, the week before Shaun Murray left for the Phillippines for Global Warning. Kyle was upset with his riding. He looked for the moment like a pro upset with his riding ... but he looked indeed like a pro. He could boost. Watching a big guy arcing high and lazy through air doing spins ... even if hes upsetting himself with his landings ... is awesome.

sidekicknicholas 04-09-2010 8:29 AM

I love when someone can ride switch really well.... thats why Jeff House is one of my favorite riders, if you watch vids of him most every trick he does, he does switch right after.... I think an older vid of him he throws
7, sw. 7, pete, sw pete, bs 5, sw bs5

if anyone has learned tricks switch you know how hard it is... especially taking off and landing switch

bbr 04-09-2010 8:45 AM

The point of riding switch is to make you a better rider....period. I'm much more inpressed with a guy that can do 4 tricks regular and switch and someone that can do a dozen tricks regular.

I would venture to say that those of you that think switch tricks are stupid, or "gay", think that way because you can't do them. Try it sometime.

sidekicknicholas 04-09-2010 8:51 AM


I would venture to say that those of you that think switch tricks are stupid, or "gay", think that way because you can't do them.

bcrider 04-09-2010 8:56 AM

I don't understand the "switch tricks are gay" thing either. Coming from a snowboard background learning how to ride switch was one of the best things I ever did and has made my riding that much better and that much more fun. If you can ride either way flawlesly you are a better rider then someone that can't. I don't have many tricks in my own bag but learning how to ride switch on the water and hit the wake correctly is still a goal of mine.

wake77 04-09-2010 8:56 AM

"switch tricks are gay.... always have been, always will be... make ur regular tricks look better!!!"

I don't really know what you are talking about, as a matter of fact, I don't think you know what you are talking about. Are you honestly classifying D. Harf's (or any other riders) switch 1080 as gay?

Ben, I guarantee there are plenty of riders that could throw down an entire run of switch tricks that would make your arsenal of regular tricks look "gay".

john211 04-09-2010 9:32 AM

In a broad sense, I bet Kyle rides switch superbly. It’s maybe more like, when he and Rusty Malinowski are riding together and practicing their comp runs ... he’s referring to his satisfaction with his switch riding at that level.

buffalow 04-09-2010 9:38 AM

Ahhhh the age old discussion. I agree I could care less about switch stuff.

However, when you see like a guy like JOSH STORRER do regular/switch ever trick in his bag, it is extremely impressive. Even Robby Stru, had back to back stuff that was very impressive.

tom_paz 04-09-2010 9:46 AM

keith lidberg in the vid genetics, has got the swtich thing dialed better than anyone ive ever seen. in fact, not to spoil it for those who havent seen it, but the only tricks in the vid he only does once and not both ways are ts 9 (reg), s-bend and whirly 5 (goof). not too shabby. id go as far to say that he is better riding switch than a few pro's are at their dominant stance.

deltarida 04-09-2010 9:52 AM

I makie it a point everytime I ride to try and or do what I can do switch. It does make u an overall better rider. For myslef its taught me how to land and spin in every direction possible. It has definetly opened the doors to a ton of new options and new tricks that can be learned. No need for hating on switch tricks...switch toe 3's, 7's, bs 5's, 900's, 1080's...i dont think any of those are "gay" no matter if they are switch or reg

jason95gt 04-09-2010 9:53 AM

I know that in competitions the judges don't give credit to a switch trick unless they do it regular too as some tricks just work better switch, like old school trick skiing rules. I am just surprised that a sponsored top ride can get away with this.

bmartin 04-09-2010 9:59 AM

Wow I'm kind of shocked on how many comments that thumb their noses on switch. Knowing how difficult it is for me to ride switch, which is not all that often, makes me really impressed with the guys that can take a big bag both ways. For the pure 'wow' factor of watching a freeride run in the moment it is difficult to appreciate switch, but when you look closely and break the runs down, it is much more technically impressive.

brhanley 04-09-2010 10:28 AM

Lots of riders don't really excel switch, or care, while others take it to the extreme (doing everything both directions). Shaun Murray comes to mind as someone who also hasn't taken his riding in the switch direction, yet he's super well-rounded otherwise. Personal preference. Personally, I enjoy learning tricks switch and I think it's another skill that shows well-rounded riding skills, like a baseball player who has another one of the five tools (strong arm). Other variations would be riders who ignore rails, flips, spins, stylish straight airs, double ups, grabbing inverts/spins, o/a spins, raleys, etc. in their riding. For whatever reason, I don't or can't do some of these variations (raleys, rails, etc.). You're not as well rounded without these elements, but that's up to the rider you want to be. That's what matters, in my opinion. On a related topic, I believe the age old debate is "fakie v. switch" as presented in an old, old Bill McCaffrey article.

Luker 04-09-2010 10:32 AM

Fakie is a skate term which is not even possible on a wakeboard in my opinion. :) Not to start a fight or anything haha

jarrod 04-09-2010 10:39 AM

Jonathon, We helped Dave during the filming of Global Warning on the Delta. Kyle at the time was in a bit of a slump, so he thought at least! Looked like he was killing it to me! I think he had the end of the season burn out.

skiboarder 04-09-2010 11:43 AM

Switch/fakie is not real. Those are terms given to feelings in your mind and not experienced by others. Your board is symetrical, the wake is symetrical and you are symetrical. What is switch? (Your mind)

Just like the matrix: You can't bend the spoon with your mind because there is no spoon. There is no switch, just bend your mind. :-)

canadian_waterboy 04-09-2010 1:34 PM


Originally Posted by skiboarder (Post 1571843)
Switch/fakie is not real. Those are terms given to feelings in your mind and not experienced by others. Your board is symetrical, the wake is symetrical and you are symetrical. What is switch? (Your mind)

Just like the matrix: You can't bend the spoon with your mind because there is no spoon. There is no switch, just bend your mind. :-)

Mind ****

bizz 04-09-2010 2:44 PM

To me not riding switch eliminates half of your possibilities. But to do a switch trick just cause it is switch makes no since. It has to look good.

JohnM 04-09-2010 4:18 PM

I can't see why you would have to do any switch tricks to win a pro competition. A pro would be at a clear disadvantage If someone goes out there and does four different switch/regular 900's in the spins category.

In a grass roots competition where the tournament limits the riders to a certain number of inverts and spins by division, a full bag of switch and regular 180's really helps to separate a rider from the rest of the field.

Cisco 04-10-2010 10:50 PM

Kyle is one of the few pros who doesn't do 900s. Or at least I've never seen him try in contests or videos. Most pros do a switch TS 900 so his spinning is probably limited because he doesn't ride switch.

romes 04-11-2010 10:47 AM

doing switch tricks has made my regular tricks so much better. every time i do something switch i concentrate only on the physics/fundamentals of the trick b/c it feels so unnatural at first. often times i take that same feeling any apply it to the same trick reg. and find that its much easier and i can make it look so much better.

plus is the quickest and most effective way to double your bag of tricks...and it looks dope when you see back to back tricks...

flydenrict 04-11-2010 7:56 PM

the people hating on switch are the ones that either cant do it, or can do it but havent taken the time to make them look good so they think they only matter in contests. If you ignore switch, you are literally cutting your potential bag of tricks in half. I have found that I do the same trick differently when I do them switch. i can grab my switch 3s differntly than my regs. This makes you go back and examine the tricks you already know and see if you can do them differently and it makes it fun. Plus I find that I am more patient coming in switch so I wait for the pop and can often pop higher. Now switch toeside, thats a different story.....haha i dont know how anyone does anything S TS

Cisco 04-12-2010 4:10 PM

I don't see how Kyle can make top ten on tour when he can't even do a 900. Should he really be competing against guys like Rusty, Bob, Harley, and Phil who are doing back to back 900s? He seems like a nice guy, but I don't think he should be riding pro. I guess riding tour depends on how sponsored you are, rather than how good you are. :(

04-12-2010 5:39 PM

"I guess riding tour depends on how sponsored you are, rather than how good you are." - G Q (Cisco)

I completley disagree... Phillip Soven won the Pro Tour for 2 straight years and only a few of his sponsors are really well known companies (what is Rip It Energy? or even the sunglass company Phil rides for, i cant remember what its called).

Maybe Kyle Rattray is SUPER consistant. Consistancy can win you contests sometimes. and i highly doubt that he cant do ANYTHING switch. I hope Kyle is reading this thread

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