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stuey 04-07-2010 11:54 AM

Big Props to Mike Schwenne and West Coast Camps
Just wanted to give a big public thank you and shout out to Mike Schwenne and West Coast Camps. Me and 4 other buddies just came back from a private camp out at Lake McClure and we had an unbelievable time. We are a group of older (25-31 year old guys) who like to ride and just wanted to get some help to help our progression. We stayed at their new lake house and had so much fun on the boat and hanging out all weekend. Mike is the defination of a class act and his wife Monica is super nice and a great cook! His coaching and methods is really easy to learn and understand and it really helped all of us on the water.

I posted a thread on here back in the fall and asked about where to head to camp... a lot of people mentioned camps in Florida but since we live in Vancouver BC it was a lot easier travel wise to go somewhere on the west coast. A lot of people mentioned West Coast Camps so we made the decision to head there. It was great that we ended up there because I don't think we could have had such a great time and experiance anywhere else. Hopefully we'll all be able to head back there next year. If you're into wakeboarding you couldn't ask for a better 'guy's trip' getaway.

Thanks again Mike and Monica!

stephan 04-07-2010 12:27 PM

Mike & Monica are two of the nicest people to grace this earth. They give wakeboarding a good name.

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