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mastercraft1995 04-07-2010 11:54 AM

Toyota Tundra
Does anyone know of any good web sites for Toyota Tundra site. I would like one like the dieselstop.com.

For those of you with one how do they tow? I would get one of the newer one's with the 5.7 in it. I might sell my 99 PSD in the near future and will be looking to get something that can pull a 3500 LBS trailer and my Malibu VLX.

I think I'm done with Ford once this one is gone.

slipknot 04-07-2010 11:59 AM

they pull like a dream, I have had one for two years. 382 HP and you dont even have to use it.


mrawdtsi 04-07-2010 1:02 PM

tundrasolutions.com and tundratalk.net are the two i frequent.

boomboom 04-07-2010 1:05 PM

I have an 02 with 180k on it and it still pulls with no problems at all. It's not as "peppy" as it was in its younger days, but I still have absolutely NO hesitation about jumping in it and pulling the boat anywhere!!

...and I've replaced fluids, shocks, spark plugs, and air filters--nothing else!!!!!!!!!

brian_b 04-07-2010 1:12 PM

I have a 2006 Tundra with the 4.7, pulls my 2003 X2 great; same basic size/weight as your boat. I could not imagine you need the 5.7 unless you're going up hills.

wakesk8er2 04-07-2010 1:12 PM

tundrasolutions.com is the one I frequect.

My '02 is about to turn 180k too! I'm in the process of getting some JBA headers for it right now. I tow my X2 around without a problem all the time. I love mine and I plan on driving the wheels off of it.

pickle311 04-07-2010 1:31 PM

I've got an 07 TRD 5.7L and love it. I just got it over the winter and have only had the boat behind it twice so far. It's a HUGE difference from the F-150 4.6L I had. Not to mention the truck is pretty freaking fast too, it's fun to screw with people.

bawshogg 04-07-2010 2:53 PM

Good friend of mine has one with the 5.7. Pulls well, tons of power for what it is, and the suspension/chassis components are huge on those trucks. Way overkill for a half ton. Not a huge fan of the interior, still feels cheapy, Japaneese. Overall good package though.

newmy79 04-07-2010 7:31 PM

I have an '06 with the 4.7 and my truck pulls pretty much anything fine, either my friends boats or my parents 20 foot cubby. Great trucks, you won't be disappointed.

lavinder 04-09-2010 2:04 PM

Tundra Pulling Power
I had a 02 Tundra and had no issues pulling my Supra 22SSV. We pulled it to our lake every weekend and never had an issue. We now have a new Sequoia with the 5.7 and it too has no issues pulling.

petrey10 04-09-2010 3:02 PM

love my 07 but i got the 4.7l... I must say the biggest mistake was me not getting the 5.7l I know i don't NEED it but it would be nice to HAVE when I am hauling the boat 6hrs up to michigan thru some hills... now when I am in east central IL where you can see 12 miles at a time because its so flat I have completely no trouble.... I do hate the way they made the bed... its light.... its thin metal... its jumps around with nothing in the bed... and its starting to rust a little so I gotta get the spray in put down this year.. tundrasolutions is the best forum I think !! ok im done

petrey10 04-09-2010 3:04 PM

bawshogg I completely disagree about the interior... its the roomiest, most comfortable interior in a truck...period... go look at a dodge interior of the same year... YUCK!! and tundra rides so much smoother than ANY other truck

jimmy_z 04-10-2010 12:21 AM


Originally Posted by petrey10 (Post 1571919)
bawshogg I completely disagree about the interior... its the roomiest, most comfortable interior in a truck...period... go look at a dodge interior of the same year... YUCK!! and tundra rides so much smoother than ANY other truck

I agree with bawshogg. Unless you get the Tundra with the Nav package the dash looks horrible.

Seats are typical "firm" Toyota that make my butt go numb after an hour or two. Still waiting for them to get the right balance for a seat that domestic manufacturers have had for years.

talltigeguy 04-10-2010 5:27 PM

My 2010 seat seems nice and soft.

I love tundrasolutions.com.

I like the dash as well.

Great truck so far, but it better be, I only have 4,000 miles on it. I will let you know when I have 70k on it if it really is a great truck.

jetskiprosx 04-10-2010 7:26 PM

I finally towed my Tundra and I am really happy with my decision on buying this truck! It really was a night and day difference from my dads 2001 Tahoe with the 5.3! One of the biggest things that I noticed was how well the Tundra stopped compared to the Tahoe. The brakes on this truck are big.

A few other things...

1. Ride - the ride while towing was a lot smoother then with the Tahoe. The soft suspension on the Tahoe (no auto-ride) really made it bounce while towing. I didn't notice any bounce while towing with the Tundra. It also didn't get pushed around while cornering and braking.

2. Power - With almost 100 extra HP and ft/lbs. of torque the Tundra has almost 25% more power then the Tahoe. On paper these numbers looked great and I was really hoping they would be noticeable on the street...and they are! I had no problem accelerating quickly or climbing hills. The Tundra has lots of power, but I have a feeling it's going to gulp gas when the boats in tow :(

3. Shifting - The 6 speed transmission and 4.3 rear end did a great job of moving around 6k pounds of boat and trailer. Unlike the Tahoe which would constantly shift for gears and down shift on any hill, the Tundra didn't have any of these problems.

On the way home I left the rear sacks nearly full (750's) to simulate having the weight of camping gear and people, and I couldn't notice a difference. Overall I am super happy with the trucks performance! Don't get me wrong, the Tahoe is a great rig and has served us well for many years. The Tundra is just more built for towing a 23ft. boat. We will probably still use the Tahoe for short trips, but for any long distance towing my parents will be borrowing my truck...oh how the tables have turned lol

petrey10 04-12-2010 10:07 AM

I got 60,000 on mine and have had no problems at all... If they would ever wake up and put a V6 diesel in one I would switch to take in a heart beat!

srock 04-12-2010 12:37 PM

Small diesel in the Sequoia is my hope. Small diesels were coming before the economy fell apart.

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