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blinerinbrazil 04-06-2010 3:39 PM

A free guide in Brazil for the WWS championship
If your thinking of comming down here to compete on the World Wake Series in Belo Horizonte Brazil May 14th-16th but not sure about it because of being in another country or the language barrier or donīt know where to stay is a problem then I can be of help. I can also provide free transportation and have access to a wake boat for training purposes. All this at absolutely free of charge. Anyone interested contact me at wwsn55@yahoo.com.br, tel. 55-31-9693-5897, skype: davidtmx555

blinerinbrazil 04-23-2010 2:15 PM


bmartin 04-23-2010 2:31 PM

Better get your VISA at a counselate NOW if you are thinking of going. I was turned back on a booked trip to Brazil last year because I learned too late you had to obtain a Visa in advance of the trip. You will need more than a week to get it. Man I wish I could have gone on that trip.

baitkiller 04-26-2010 1:23 PM

Brazil is awesome, I do some business in Rio and Angra Dos Reis working with Pro Boat and Mares. Man Angra has some back bays that hold butter for miles. The water is gin clear in summer. Great food, nice booties, good beer and the dollar goes a long way.
If you go take this guy up on his offer, or get another guide. It makes things allot easier.

nuckledragger 04-26-2010 2:26 PM

Get your fill of Acai while you are there. That stuff rules!!

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