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ryker1 04-05-2010 9:11 PM

Long Beach marine stadium - weekdays
Hey all,

Taking some time off between jobs and want to get out and do some weekday riding when we can get the place to ourselves. Checking interest of folks on here.

At this time I'm available almost any day :)

Boat is a 97 VLX with locker bag and v drive sacs.

Being as I have lots of free time right now I added up all my out of pockets costs to run the boat and came up with a depressing average of $32 an hour so would appreciate peeps kicking in to help out if you want to ride.

call or text at 916 eight one too 2080.


stoked_32 04-06-2010 2:47 PM

Hey Chad, you should hit up Rich Daniels on here. I think they ride Lake perris a lot. But he rides with Justin and his crew on behind his xstar on LB. They have their boat on a slip and ride everyday without fail. Fun crew to ride with, not to mention that Justin rips... crowmobe, toe 7, etc..


You and eric get out last weekend?

ryker1 04-06-2010 9:10 PM

Hey John,

Yeah made it out Sunday. We also made it out today! Going to try and make it out again tomorrow too.

Thanks for the tip re: Rich/Justin

stoked_32 04-07-2010 2:58 PM

you guys riding after eric gets off work?

glassywater09 04-11-2010 9:57 PM


Nice to see a weekday rider for our neighborhood. The Stadium mostly right now on Justin's X but my 23 Malibu parked at Perris needs to come into play more. We should connect, nice to have resources in all directions. John Yi and Dean Parsons came off the Third forum to add good elements to our riding days, look forward to seeing them again. Then Matt Anderson will be floating around the Stadium with his Tige very soon with good energy to spare.... It's all very nice.

Rich 310.756.2004

ryker1 04-13-2010 12:49 AM


good to hear from ya. Weather sucked today but yeah if you guys do anything regular during the week let me know. I don't ride as good as John but I can still make a good third for boat driving and flag holding :)

You guys have anything regular set up during the week right now?

Am proposing on a 3 week consulting job tomorrow so my weekdays in April may dry up but after that I will be back looking for action.

We made it out one day last week during the week and were the only boat! Heck for most of the morning we were the only boat riding on Sunday too but the wind was nasty.

glassywater09 04-15-2010 11:32 PM

Hey Chad... I don't ride as good as John either! You know but we still get wet and have fun. Who knows we could figure it out one day. I'm in Mex right now for bike ride and some surfing, be back early next week and we'll look around to see what's going on. Hopefully get some water time. Understand they had a meeting today about restricting hours for boarding at the Stadium... hopefully nothing changed.

My direct email rdnbigbear@gmail.com is best, I don't check this mail all that often. We'll hook up soon, if your schedule allows.


romes 04-20-2010 12:28 PM

Hey guys. I just moved down to Hermosa from the delta up north. Been ridin everyday up north and would like to continue to do so down here. I'm good to ride anytime any day.

Hit me up if any of you guys need a third or got some room.


ryker1 05-01-2010 8:27 PM

Anyone up for riding next week? I can't make it Thursday but so far the rest of the week is open.

jonb 05-16-2010 7:55 AM

Hey Richard whats Justins last name?

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