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lizrd 04-05-2010 11:59 AM

IL Season starts in 5...
Water test was great - hitting the water in just a few mins. Yay! (...this is gonna hurt!)

wakekat15 04-06-2010 5:21 AM

How are those muscles feeling?? ;-D Congrats on finally getting the season started! What is the water temp on the Fox River these days?

lizrd 04-06-2010 7:24 PM

Hi Kat,

Feeling great today - I think it is the endorphins still running. You people with a non-stop season don't get to appreciate that first set of the season thrill :) We weren't on the Fox - it is super low water levels right now. I heard about a guy who plowed his boat into a submerged snowmobile that someone dumped through the ice this winter. I'm nice enough to let everyone else find the debris first.

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