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gunz 04-01-2010 3:25 PM

April picture thread!
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Snow day!
Some of the hills had snow on the tops,I've never seen it like this.

gunz 04-01-2010 3:27 PM

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James killin it in the cold!

jdjjamesz 04-01-2010 3:40 PM

Yeah that was the coldest winest day of the year for sure ,good april fools joke on me..:D

jdjjamesz 04-01-2010 3:42 PM

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april fools.

mdaijogo 04-01-2010 4:00 PM

Are you guys wearing wetsuits? If so, what kind?



jdjjamesz 04-01-2010 4:43 PM

Fox and body glove..

jdjjamesz 04-01-2010 5:09 PM

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Walking on water,this is a funny shot.

gunz 04-01-2010 5:34 PM

That is a funny shot!

jdjjamesz 04-01-2010 6:18 PM

running man....

bac 04-01-2010 7:08 PM

Great shots James!

Love the last one. Thats a cool pic!

jdjjamesz 04-10-2010 8:30 PM

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more from this month.

jdjjamesz 04-10-2010 8:31 PM

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jdjjamesz 04-10-2010 8:35 PM

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cold days..

gwnkids 04-12-2010 11:22 AM

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Braylin trunking it on her Bday

jdjjamesz 04-12-2010 5:20 PM

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Still in a wetsuit..

jdjjamesz 04-14-2010 5:58 PM

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Opening day for nor cal reef ,south swell spot half hour walk no one out...she awakens..my favorite wave..

04-14-2010 6:20 PM

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Nice Day down here combo swell

ridetillurdead26 04-15-2010 12:32 PM

that second picture was a PUNT and a half. what break is that?

04-15-2010 12:55 PM

Dude that boat wake is huge! What kind of boat is that?

jdjjamesz 04-15-2010 4:37 PM

cyclone ,centurion..

04-16-2010 7:47 AM

dang my friends boat that I wakeboard behind most of the time is a centurion enzo but it dosnt throw a wake that big, do you have fat sacks or what?

jdjjamesz 04-16-2010 9:39 AM

all custom ,worked on the wake with a guy who has been building boats for 40 years..

jdjjamesz 04-18-2010 5:25 PM

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another great sunday...

gunz 04-18-2010 6:34 PM

Nice job Kung Fu Panda!

jdjjamesz 04-18-2010 6:36 PM

Thanks buddy, another great day,even joe dirt came out of the cave....ha ha

jdjjamesz 04-20-2010 2:07 PM

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cant wait until summer.

jdjjamesz 04-21-2010 12:05 PM

air walk.

jdjjamesz 04-21-2010 12:10 PM

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younguns44 04-23-2010 4:51 PM

what boat are you riding behind?

scottnaz 04-24-2010 8:54 PM

Sick move James http://i115.photobucket.com/albums/n.../smiles_26.gif

keebe 04-25-2010 1:59 PM

Is that steam or smoke?

Originally Posted by gwnkids (Post 1572659)
Braylin trunking it on her Bday

In that picture it looks like there is either smoke or steam coming out of the engine compartment. I had this happen to me the other day when i had my boat loaded up with a alot of extra weight. I bet the swim deck was 10 inches under water on the port side. the people in the back said it looked like it was smoking but when i opened the compartment everything looked fine.

surfdad 04-25-2010 7:10 PM

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Is this just a djjames thread? :)

surfdad 04-25-2010 7:17 PM

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gunz 04-25-2010 7:34 PM

Keebler-It was steam at that time,it only smokes when I ride.:cool:

younguns-Centerioun,not sure model number.

Jeff-no,no it's not;)

wofrankwo 04-25-2010 8:46 PM

we had a couple stall 360s landed today behind the boat ..... had some reverse 360s tried ...... the camera showed up but the battery was in the charger at home ...... spent sat and night in your neck of the woods dennis ..... wedding in placerville ..... really nice!!

gunz 04-26-2010 11:38 AM

Sent you a PM Frank.

slimjim44 04-27-2010 10:24 AM

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I finally got out. Water was only 60F but the air temp was 80F. Beautiful day.

wakebrdjay 04-27-2010 1:49 PM

Only 60 Ha ha that's funny

clowefan 04-27-2010 3:33 PM

lake looks familiar, is that folsom?
cool pics!!!

dennish 04-27-2010 3:48 PM

You still wearing booties?

slimjim44 04-28-2010 10:10 AM

clowefan, that is Folsom. Not many powerboats that day, but a ton of sail boats.

Dennis, I ordered a pair because you let me borrow yours at the polar bear event. They make it so much warmer.

jdjjamesz 04-28-2010 10:24 AM

No jeff ,but if no one is posting pictures or riding ,someone has to post something .the site was dead for a while .

jdjjamesz 04-28-2010 10:30 AM

Glad to see people are riding .I thought we were the only ones ,at the airport in Florida ,just got done surfing 250 waves at typhoon lagoon with two others friends .super fun ,heading to get some ten second barrels in a couple of weeks in Mex with mulcoy .

jdjjamesz 04-28-2010 10:36 AM

jeff is the water warm at your lake right now .still cold at ours what's the water temp .lakes are so full near my house ,so stoked .

jdjjamesz 04-28-2010 10:46 AM

Rich ,what up heading home

surfdad 04-28-2010 11:05 AM

@ dj - we have 60 degree water temps, but the air was in the 80's - just like slimjim44 has. I threw my back out on Saturday, so the cold water felt really good on my lower back, if no place else. :) Our water level is WAY up from last year, but it's probably 20 feet below normal. I'm hoping we get some good runoff as the snow melts.

gunz 04-28-2010 11:36 AM


jdjjamesz 04-28-2010 1:51 PM

Yeah the cold wAter always feels good on the injuries .hope you feel better .

slimjim44 04-28-2010 2:18 PM

Jay T, Last year our lake temp got up to 80F, so 60 is cold.

jdjjamesz 04-29-2010 9:49 AM

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having fun at the wave pool..

jdjjamesz 04-29-2010 9:52 AM

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04-30-2010 4:13 PM

is that at Disney?

jdjjamesz 04-30-2010 4:50 PM


bac 04-30-2010 6:01 PM

Sick James!

Gotta be nice to have a wave pool like that to yourself!

jdjjamesz 04-30-2010 7:31 PM

yeah,it was nuts ,I love that place...

jdjjamesz 04-30-2010 7:34 PM

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the water is 80 in the pool..

bac 04-30-2010 7:37 PM

80!? Thats awesome!

gunz 04-30-2010 7:38 PM

Man I wanna do that!

jdjjamesz 04-30-2010 9:06 PM

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heres joe dirty going down hard,in a foot of water, hit his back..

ragboy 05-03-2010 3:40 AM

wake9.com opening day
Finally got our season started, it was snowing 3 days ago, crazy weather this year. Plus we moved, that takes a whole lot out of you, you know?

We were at camp far west, Dennis was with us.

Jesse was the first in the water, and is always proud to the be the first in. 65 degrees.

TBone testing out a grom prototype from Lakewakes. Still needs a bit of work, but mark seems commited to creating a good board.

Back on the walker grom.

This is kind of a cool pic of maddie filming. These little cameras are durable, waterproof to 3 meters, and take great 1080P video.

Maddie throws a pose.

The water was nice.

Dennis was testing a new Bazooka Board. He said Walker needed a new spokesmodel for the board. I threw my hat in the ring.

Big D doing his stuff.

Either doing a 360, or taking aim.

I think this goes down as my favorite picture of Dennis.

RJ made it out for a session.





So whitney didn't want to go out, thought it was too cold. She gave in to my whining, as soon as she got up, she started smiling and yelled in that she forgot how much fun it was, and thanked me. Gotta love that kid's smile.


So then we headed over to California Marine Sports to shoot some video of the wakesurf shop, and talk about the festival ( http://wake9.com/festival ) and a bit about the new Ski Supreme v226. My interview with him will be on the podcast. It was a great day, but busy, and I am still tired.


Grant on left, RJ, me, then Mitch. 2 rows of surf boards, everything inland has, several walkers, some from the "other" guys, and he is building a new rack for more. Great shop.



He is stocked and ready to go for the festival, I love CMS commitment to wakesurfing. If Tige ever gets a NorCal dealer again, I hope its hear. I would feel at home here.


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