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redsupralaunch 04-01-2010 12:58 PM

Collegiate Wakeboard Association $300 Grant
Need $300 to get your tournament off the ground? Get a powerful $300 Grassroots Grant to help any Collegiate Wakeboard Association Club with upfront costs. Grants are used for your local tournament to get trophies and shirts. Check it out!! http://gr.gowithstar.comThis grant also provides 21 trophies for your competition.

In the past, finding the funds to get a collegiate wakeboard tournament started was harsh. Giving all the entry fees to an outside promoter was ridiculous. Thatís why Collegiate Wakeboard Association has now been included in the Grassroots Grant. Not having to throw down cash for trophies and t-shirts really helps! Keeping the entry fees to help your club or even another host collegiate club on the way to Nationals is astute.

Simple as 1-2-3
1 . Sanction your club and event - $100 at www.usawakeboard.com
2. Use your sanction # to get your trophies at www.dinntrophy.com
3. Use your sanction # to get your shirts and banners at http://gr.gowithstar.com

Grants may be used for each USA Sanctioned tournament in the 2010 calendar year, including all 2010 regional qualifications for 2011 CBS Alt Games Collegiate National Championship.

About CWA: The Collegiate Wakeboard Association is the official national collegiate club of USA Wakeboard and is the host of the CBS Alt Games Collegiate National Championship. USA Wakeboard is a sport discipline of USA Water Ski and member of The United States Olympic Committee, Pan American Sports Organization, and the International Water Ski and Wakeboard Association.

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