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skull 04-01-2010 6:47 AM

Canon Bodies For Sale
I absolutely broke the bank recently (500 f4) and want to unload some stuff.


50D Body w/extra generic battery, original box, all manuals, paperwork, everything that came with the camera new, etc... $800
Note: this one has some "junk" in the view finder that I can't blow out. Does not appear on photos at all (sensor is clean). I think it has a piece of lint stuck to the focus screen- focus screens run about $32 from B&H. I shoot a lot of wildlife and this kind of stuff happens. I do not have the balls to try to wet swab it.

Add 28-235 IS lens $275 (no UV Filter)

Rebel XSi Kit w/18-55 lens, UV filter, extra Canon ($$$) battery, orginal box, all paperwork and an cover anything extended ($200) Best Buy warranty comes along $600

Everything listed is in pristine condition. No issues. Treated with great love and affection.

Shipping and Insurance split 50/50. Prefer local delivery.

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