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boomshot 04-01-2010 5:03 AM

Shaun Murray Super Air Nautique 240 Icon Edition Hybrid Announced
Details are still coming in today, but this is what we know at this point in the press.

I knew they'd make a bigger boat, but a Super Air Nautique 240 introduced directly with an icon edition - for Murray. Very curious. Verrrrry curious. And a hybrid model too! Interesting developments.


highrock 04-01-2010 5:10 AM

I bet the price tag on that thing will be wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy high. Good for CC though looking into hybrid stuff.

I bet it will be an awesome looking boat!

boomshot 04-01-2010 5:24 AM

Just mark this date in history!!! April 1, 2010. The inboard marine world is in a new era. Big quiet boats are truly the future and everyone knows it.

TelepromptedAnthems 04-01-2010 5:40 AM

I see what you did there.

benjaminp 04-01-2010 5:54 AM

Any word on whether it will still have all the Nautique options, or if it will be just like the Byerly icon edition? Think they will be doing any hybrid Byerleys? Will it also have an option for a power wedge?

tylerc 04-01-2010 6:41 AM

In an effort to one-up CC, Tige announced a new 35 foot boat with twin electric motors and anti-jetski rocket launchers!

sidekicknicholas 04-01-2010 7:25 AM

god I hate today.

srock 04-01-2010 7:26 AM

^^^great marketing idea, they don't have to build it just announce it...

boomshot 04-01-2010 5:37 PM

No - this boat is not a twin screw boat - single engine. Big. Coming.

dmorrison22 04-01-2010 5:47 PM

April Fools?

tom_paz 04-01-2010 5:53 PM

yes, clearly this is an april fools gag. i know it only happens once a year, but its still pretty lame.

boomshot 04-05-2010 6:20 AM

Do not be suprised to unearth this thread in awhile as 80% real.
Hybrid, unlikely. Rest of it: heard rumors.

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