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RGWSR 03-31-2010 8:06 PM

Ricky G riding system 2.0 @ Wolf Lakes
Hey whats up everyone. I wanted to post this lil video we did while I was At Wolf Lakes in Sanger, Ca testing out their new system 2.0. It should be open to the public soon. We will keep you informed. It was a lot of fun. Enjoy the video.

Check it out @ www.silverstarnow.com



Ricky G

If you want to stay tuned in on whats going on with me follow me on twitter and FB

bbr 03-31-2010 9:09 PM

As most of us who live in the Cen Cal area, we are just f'ing stoked to have a cable close to us.

Not only that, but let me remind everyone that this the the ONLY cable west of Texas.

JJ 03-31-2010 11:06 PM

I'll say it again HOLY CAMERA SHAKE! I feel sick.

RGWSR 04-01-2010 12:10 PM

are you serious?
sorry if you cant get by the small amount of shakiness because its a pretty good video.

jps912 04-01-2010 12:52 PM

It is nice to see some sort of cable in CA. Are they going to be adding any more features. I know its pretty short but it looks like they could fit one or two more.

guido 04-01-2010 1:21 PM

Dope Ricky. I'm stoked to have a cable in Cali, too. Open the floodgates. Let's get one in Nor-Cal.

JJ 04-01-2010 1:35 PM


Originally Posted by RGWSR (Post 1568465)

sorry if you cant get by the small amount of shakiness because its a pretty good video.

It just seems weird to me that a "Pro Wakeboard Spolight" would be shot that poorly. That video is on a several sites and seriously makes me sick for the majority of it.

On another note stoked that Cali has a cable.

wakeviolater 04-01-2010 4:20 PM

nice to see a cable in CA!! i wanna ride in the Heli!

do nor-cal people not know about the (4) sesitec 2.0's going into Minden, NV?

FreeRider209 04-01-2010 4:23 PM

Thanks for the video Ricky. It's good to see that someone in California is finally stepping it up and takin some action and getting a cable. I hope that it creates more oppurtunities for other lakes to do the same. Im not trying to spend a couple hundred bucks to fly to Texas to ride a cable but I will definately fill up my tank and cruise down to Fresno to check it out.


bizzuck 04-01-2010 5:22 PM

Pretty good video? Seriously? That was 7 minutes of you riding back and forth and ollying a jon boat and 1 minute of you talking about a board company. I want my 8 minutes back.

kyle_L 04-01-2010 5:54 PM


Originally Posted by RGWSR (Post 1568465)

sorry if you cant get by the small amount of shakiness because its a pretty good video.

so lets go back to just watching and responding to the video not negative feedback about everything else. thanks.

i thought that video was pretty terrible IMHO. Watching a dude session a john boat is exciting for a solid 30 seconds unless it was a wakeskater doing crazy hits on it

kyle_L 04-01-2010 5:59 PM


Originally Posted by JJ (Post 1568507)

On another note stoked that Cali has a cable.

everything made sense in your post until this. How could you not be stoked that Cali has a cable? What is the reasoning? It will finally allow some of the WSR to catch up to the pros on rails that get to sesh the cable all of the time. And it's not a real "cable park", its a 2,0 that only one person can session at a time. If you aren't stoked about having a cable then you obviously haven't ridden cable.

johnny_defacto 04-01-2010 6:31 PM

Wow Kyle, go back and re-read Jessica's response. Try to get past her poor excuse of a sentence and you will see that she is in favor of this cable. Yes, she should have written, "On another note, I am stoked that Cali has a cable." but she didn't. Slow down, take a deep breath, and stop arguing with comments that were not made such as this mis-quote made by you, "And it's not a real "cable park"...." If you go back and re-read what she said, you will see that she never calls it a "cable park", she calls it a "cable".

Anyhow, I am stoked cali has a cable too. As soon as it gets some not-so-jenky obstacles, i will have to go hit it up.

Thanks Ricky for sharing the love.

RGWSR 04-02-2010 1:44 AM

i know it wasnt the best video but to be honest it was just a quick one from a friend to have people view. now you can see the real "Professional" video by a "Professional videographer" filming a "Professional rider".

you can have your 8 minutes back homie.


maybe people should just view and not post negative comments, it might make life better.

this was the first day they put it up so we were testing it out and there was NO rails or anything else because it wasnt set up yet for that.

Ricky G.

bbr 04-02-2010 9:32 AM

Nice work on the vid Ricky! THe possibilities at Wolf are endless, and it's gonna friggin kick major ass! I can't believe that there aren't more people that are excited about having a cable in CA? Seriously, what is the matter with all of you?

Everyone has been crying about not having a cable close to home, and now there is one, and everyone is still crying, but this time about a shakey video.

Quit crying everyone! You should all be jumping up and down....I know I am. I was on this with nothing but water, and I can't wait to spend some time on this thing when they have the rails in.

VIVA 2.0!!!!

kcrider 04-02-2010 9:51 AM

Don't worry about the negatives Ricky. Its nice to see you riding on a cable in Cali. By the way like the new board. What bindings are those?

wake77 04-02-2010 9:55 AM

I believe those are the 2009 Cells.

bizzuck 04-02-2010 11:00 AM

Well, if we are going to start making suggestions about what people should and should not post in order to make life better, I've got one:

1. No more false representations from "professional rider"s about "pretty good" videos that are actually terrible.

elc 04-02-2010 11:09 AM

Why post negative comments... It's great that one of the pro's in the industry post conent up on the site. I personally would like to see more. Why would Ricky or any one other pro ever respond to anything or support WW if he is going to get these ridiculous comments. My son and I enjoyed the vid, thanks for contributing to the forum.

guido 04-02-2010 11:20 AM

Man... There are a ton of people on here that are just pissed off at life. Hopefully it's just the winter weather that's got everyone down.

I'll agree... The vid wasn't that rad, but nobody sat with a gun to your head and made you watch it all. I watched a few minutes, then fast forwarded the rest. That place it is going to be seriosly sick once they get a few more rails dropped in. It's really cool to see something like this out here on this coast. We've all been asking for a cable of some kind for a long time. No, it's not OWC, but it's a start and the 2.0 is making some really cool stuff possible.

Just in case you guys wondered why more pro riders don't post on here.... I think you've made their reasons clear for them. It's cool that Ricky comes on here to show us what he's up to in the off season. Show the guy a bit of respect. He's one of the originators of the game. Nobody can argue that.

Ricky.... hit us up again once they get a few more rails dropped in.

guido 04-02-2010 11:21 AM

Ha.... Ed and I were typing at the same time. Couldn't agree more.

RGWSR 04-02-2010 11:32 AM


thanks everyone for your comments that were positive. and that is true about other riders not posting on WW because of the drama people may want to create. sorry i got sucked into it.

@Evan- i will bro hopefully we can get more stuff out there soon.

Ricky G.

JJ 04-02-2010 12:02 PM


Originally Posted by kyle_L (Post 1568591)
everything made sense in your post until this. How could you not be stoked that Cali has a cable? What is the reasoning? It will finally allow some of the WSR to catch up to the pros on rails that get to sesh the cable all of the time. And it's not a real "cable park", its a 2,0 that only one person can session at a time. If you aren't stoked about having a cable then you obviously haven't ridden cable.

You totally missed my point. I am stoked for CA on getting a 2.0. I love riding cable and can't wait until they are all over the US. (Sorry for my poor excuse for sentences.)

scbrips 04-02-2010 12:19 PM

Ricky, definitely hit us up with another video when they get some more stuff out there. I want to see a Spiderman and Ozzie Smith!

benbuchholz 04-02-2010 12:56 PM

Wow....Ricky comes in here all stoked to share this new cable park, and his chance to be one of (if not THE) first ones to ride it, and he gets this negative feedback?! you've gotta be kidding me. I feel like i'm in high school again after reading this. I can't hardly read past four posts into a thread anymore without it turning ugly. How about showing a bit more respect to the fact that Ricky even took the time to come on here and share what he's been up to? moving on.

Thanks for sharin Ricky, keep postin new stuff up. There's some of us here that look forward to all of you in the wake industry posting up vids and other info on what you've been doing lately. We're gettin a new System 2.0 here in Minnesota starting May, so I can relate to all the Californians being pumped about this!

westsidarider 04-03-2010 1:23 AM

So stoked to see some development of more cable systems in the US, especially on the west coast. This is exactly what the sport needs. The more cable parks we get in the US the more our sport will grow

Thanks for posting the updates Ricky

mike2001 04-03-2010 9:01 AM

Completely agree w/ Ben's post. I've never met Mr. Gonzalez but have heard nothing but great things for the type of guy he is and the way he represents our sport. But wow, dude takes time out of his day to post a vid on wakeworld, which he didn't have to do, and gets ripped apart by a bunch of scrubs that have no business posting on this site w/ their piss poor attitudes. Its almost embarrasing to be a part of a community w/ people like that. I just hope other pros, including ricky, arent turned off to posting on this site.

kcrider 04-03-2010 9:28 AM

This is why my brother stopped coming to this site all together and I'm thinking of leaving as well. All this negativity over stupid stuff. This is a wakeboarding site. Wakeboarding should be nothing but positives. Well unless you get hurt but still. People like that kinda suck.

wake77 04-03-2010 11:12 AM

I mean we are lucky to have pros that constantly come to this board and post. How many times have you been on a basketball forum and had LJ or Kobe post? I mean some of you guys are just a-holes at times. I mean we have the unique opportunity to be let inside the industry, and instead of being supportive, someone finds it necessary to bash. I have seen good and not-so-good video clips on the board, and in the case of not-so-good I just keep my comments to myself.

I mean Bizzuck, if you are so important in life that you cannot spare a few minutes of your time to watch a video (good or bad), you probably don't need to be spending your time on WW at all. You should be out finding a cure for cancer or obtaining world peace.

wolf_watersports 04-03-2010 5:06 PM

The kicker is almost done so we can do away with the dingy!! It was fun enough though and served the purpose of testing. Thanks Ricky for being Ricky!! I wish we had 6 billion Ricky G's in this world!!

04-03-2010 6:32 PM


Originally Posted by wakeviolater (Post 1568560)
nice to see a cable in CA!! i wanna ride in the Heli!

do nor-cal people not know about the (4) sesitec 2.0's going into Minden, NV?

Just saw the website the other day. It's gonna be about 2 hours from me. STOKED!!!

And, thanks for contributing to the site Ricky. Most of us do appreciate.

seabass 04-03-2010 9:34 PM

Don't worry about Bizzuk, Wakeboard Atlanta's forums must be boring right now, so he picked another place to douche himself out.

benjaminp 04-04-2010 9:02 AM

Yeah, I enjoyed both vids, the West Side style on the rails is nice to watch because its something different. Ricky, any plans on developing some bindings from Phalanx?
And Sea Bass, thank you for making every post you make a reference to Dumb and Dumber. The world needs more people like you.

TONYcarroll 04-04-2010 11:35 AM

really Kyle? Where was Ricky when you were setting up the towers, or tightening the cable, testing the generator, building rails, setting up an event, getting product to you asap? I wish there were a million Rickys too, hes a great guy and has been nothing but nice to me since I've known him but come on. shows up for 8hrs, sits in his car while the cable is being adjusted, and talks about his boards. I guess I'm just saying your welcome for the help.

bizzuck 04-04-2010 3:15 PM

Ah, refreshing. And entirely predictable.

For the record, I have nothign against RickyG. I know he's OG. Good for him. I've also enjoyed watching his sections over the years. That being said, he's in a unique position when it comes to wakeboarding. He's well known, well respected and a heck of a rider. With those accolades comes responsibility though. Don't post a **** video, call it good, have a couple people disagree with said video being good, admit the video you posted wasn't that good and then try and turn the tables.

My first post was going to be it. Unfortunately, Ricky thinks that he can instruct me on negativity (in reality I simply stated that the video was not good and that's a fact). If he wants to do that, that's fine. I'll accept his suggestion and offer one of my own. You can read it above.

Now for the predictable yet unexplainable part. How come any time someone disagrees with anything on this message board it's negative? You westcoast guys should know better than anyone how "negative comments" have helped the sport. Where would wakeboarding be if no one ever said, "jeremy kovak's riding looks dumb. Let's try grabbing our boards." We'd be riding around like a bunch of trickskiers.

Now I'd like to address some of your comments.

Ricky: You didn't get sucked into anything.

Ben W: The only thing West Coast about the riding style in that video is what he's wearing. Or the fact that he doesn't do anything.

Mike K: I don't hang out the passenger's side of my best friends ride.

Ed: If you enjoyed that video you must be new to recorded images. The internet is going to be an amazing place. Have fun with it.

Jeremy: I too keep my comments to myself until, as I mentioned above, someone tries passing of junk as something special. I am trying to cure cancer but in the meantime I want to prevent those working on World Peace from wasting their time.

Sea Bass: I only wish WBA was still around.

TONYcarroll 04-04-2010 3:18 PM

wow that came out all wrong. just want to say that Ricky was offering to come out all week to help with anything we needed and i know he has been super busy working on the new boards. Just thought some stuff was not being said in the fact that there are a lot more people out at wolf that work hard and have been for many years to make sure that wakeboarding is even allowed on the lake. Big props to Kyle to for getting the system past the parents and onto the lake. Now if we want to keep this cable in Cali we need everyone to come ride and support it!

TONYcarroll 04-04-2010 3:22 PM

Bizzuck- get over yourself and go out riding! thats what its all about, fun.

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