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lsukuntryboy 03-30-2010 9:08 PM

help on new bindings
Ok. so i have been rockin 08 obrien xenons for a while now. and they prolly have about half a season left on them. So im starting to look for some new ones. I work at a pro shop that has obrien and company but everything ive seen from those 2 either doesnt fit my size 14/15 foot or is way too stiff. i like a really loose binding that allows a lot of movement like my xenons do. I was lookin at the LF vantages but im not sure how stiff they are. any opinions? Im open to suggestions from any brand to except ronix really. Ive never liked any of their stuff. way too stiff, expensive, and always seems like they push you forward like you are standing on your toes. thanks in advance.

wakerider111 04-01-2010 12:35 PM

the vantages are genearaly considered flexy and allow movement. the new LF Ultras should also allow a good deal of movement, more so than the vantages i think. the shanes too.

hyperlite audio boots

slingshot pb floyds

there are many more.

best bet is to try another store and put whatever boots they have on, walk a bit, wiggle and jump with them on to get an idea. everyones feel are so different. did you try the ronix reliks or franks. they are supposed to be softer. maybe your store doesn't have the full sellection of ronix and obrien both have good stuff for every style of rider

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