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polarbill 03-30-2010 1:04 PM

Color Laser Printer for small buiness?
I am looking to get a new multifunction printer for our small business. I will probably be keeping it at my desk and be using it to scan, copy and print. A lot of it's use will be to print emails and other text documents but I want something to print our linecards and flyers. I have read that color laser printers don't print pictures very good. Will a color laser printer be fine for some pictures/diagrams/logos? They don't need to be high def or anything. I just want our flyers and linecards to look good. We have been using a dell inkjet but it burns through ink so fast it is ridiculous. It also has decided to not accept print cartridges now. Or at least not one's from Office Depot. What are everybody's thoughts on using a color laser printer and are there any specific brands or models to look at. By the way I have looked online at a cheap($280) Dell a $500 Dell and have gotten quotes for an HP, Brother and Canon that are all in the 500-600 range.

You help is appreciated.

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dabell 03-30-2010 1:17 PM


I haven't printed with a Lexmark but the ink is the cheapest that you can buy. $5 for 500 pages from what the company claims.


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