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mikef9844 03-29-2010 9:25 PM

Wakeboarding or wakeskating in Cozumel, Mexico
I'm stopping in Cozumel, Mexico for one day on a cruise, and I would love to be able to ride on the water there. Does anyone know of any local spots?

I'm thinking the easiest way to ride is to bring my wakeskate on the cruise and rent a seadoo when we get there, anyone suggest a good place to get a reasonable hourly rate? Also a place away from the main ocean, maybe a bay with smooth water :)

I really just want to ride there once it would be awesome, any help would be great!

devildog_ra 03-30-2010 6:39 AM

I went wakeboarding while i was in cancun a couple years ago this is the guys site that operates the wakeboarding

I went to cozumel while i was there, it takes a couple hours to get from there to cancun because you have to take a ferry so you may or may not want to do that. If you do be SURE to call and make arrangements with this guy before going there.

Your idea to rent a jetski and wakeskate would actually probably be really awesome not to mention easier and cheaper(no ferry fee, cab fee boat fee etc...) Plus you would get to ride on some beautiful looking water (if you wakeboard in cancun its on a lagoon)

any ways hope that helps if you have questions let me know

joeshmoe 03-30-2010 10:21 AM

hey mike, what day will you be in kozumel? our ship is stopping in there one day this summer.

slipknot 03-30-2010 10:51 AM

the ocean is pretty rough around where the ships dock, but you can always try


mikef9844 03-30-2010 6:18 PM

Ryan, yea i'm thinking the easiest and cheapest way to shred that water is renting a seadoo and wakeskating. The ferry ride would be out of the question I want to stay local.

Jo, our ship should be docked in Cozumel aug 14 9am-5pm.

Hairbandude, that's the only site I could find I might have to rent from them but it looks like it's in the big ocean off the beach. I was hoping to find some smooth water maybe a little bit inland in a bay or river

devildog_ra 03-31-2010 6:52 AM

Mike be real carefull renting that seadoo while i was there we rented a scooter and when we picked it up we went around it and check for scrapes and broken items then when we brought it back (in the exact same condition) they tried to screw/scam us into paying more for "damages" that were not marked on the rental sheet before we took it. Soooooo be very careful.

pearsonville 03-31-2010 7:58 AM

Go scuba diving

nar722 03-31-2010 11:02 AM

Yes, +1 on the dive. They drift dive there...very relaxing and way cool. You go down, drift with the current and catch the underwater sights..... when you surface, the boat is right there

mikef9844 04-02-2010 12:59 PM

Well I'm not planning on diving since this thread is about wakeboarding or wakeskating in cozumel, but thanks?

Anyways I think I'll have to stick with my plan of bringing my wakeskate and renting a seadoo for an hour or so.

Again if anyone knows any good places inland or just off the main ocean to rent a seadoo and ride that would help. Thanks everyone!

snowboardcorey 04-02-2010 3:12 PM

The water around Cozumel is usually pretty rough for riding but it'd be cool to say you did it. You'll likely have to get out of the main city and down the island a little ways to rent a sea doo. Usually the cruise ships are contracted with some kind of "fun beach" where they ferry you to from the port so you might not have a chance to pick where you ride.

I was also screwed by the scooter rentals, although we did actually knock it over on some rocks but the thing was beat before we got it. I bargained them down to a price I was willing to pay (we did actually cause some of the damage) and called it a day.

mikef9844 08-19-2010 7:51 PM

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Well everyone I did it and it was amazing!!! I had a friend who went on the same cruise and suggested going to Paradise Beach, and they even had a facebook page so I could check on the jet ski rentals and prices before I left.


Me and my girlfriend were the first off the ship at 9am and at Paradise Beach 8 miles south of the port and on the water by 10am. It was pretty smooth at that time before all the parasailers, booz cruisers, and snorkling boats got out there so I took a nice little set. The water was crystal clear and you could see like 50ft down to the sand and reefs even when riding! Check out these siiick pictures I got:

will5150 08-20-2010 5:55 AM

Pretty cool- we were there in April for Spring break and the water was awesome. We are divers though and Cozumel is one of the best diving locations in the world. Never saw anyone boarding or even skating- glad it worked for you- we dove three times and i'd go back tomorrow and dive there all week. Palancar reef is AMAZING!!

devildog_ra 08-20-2010 7:32 AM

Thanks for the update. glad to see that everything worked out!

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