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crfdude86 03-28-2010 2:15 PM

Widest handle available?
Does any company make a handle wider than 15"? thanks.

sidekicknicholas 03-28-2010 2:25 PM

I think someone made a 17" a few years back

jasonpav 03-28-2010 2:25 PM

The Proline Carbon handles are 17" I believe

sidekicknicholas 03-28-2010 2:25 PM


sidekicknicholas 03-28-2010 2:26 PM

beat me to it.

benjaminp 03-28-2010 5:14 PM


wakerider111 03-28-2010 8:59 PM

Helium makes both 15 and 17 inch models

bizz 03-28-2010 9:57 PM

The Company Randall Harris Pro model is 17" wide.

devildog_ra 03-29-2010 7:50 AM

This CWB handle is the biggest by far
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andy_nintzel 03-29-2010 7:58 AM

My Question is why do you want a wide handle? Having used 17"s back in the day you really dont gain anything from having a 17" handle.

jarrod 03-29-2010 8:43 AM

I agree with Andy. I think wide handles actually suck. I once thought they would make handle passing easier, but it's really not the case imo.

sidekicknicholas 03-29-2010 9:08 AM

Just get tiny hands

pickle311 03-29-2010 9:15 AM

For $25 I couldn't pass it up. Now I need to get a cheap rope.


puckinshat 03-29-2010 2:49 PM

Wow, that's cheap. I have a very similar 17" handle from Helium, mine is red and black with the tractor grip. Have had it for about 3 seasons, works fine.

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