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dreamer 03-28-2010 10:58 AM

RV tow vehicle
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Is there any problems with towing a wakeboard boat (enzo) with an RV like the one pictured below? Is there any special requirements we should be looking for when we go shopping?
Thanks in advance,

dohboy 03-28-2010 11:05 AM

We use a friends RV sometimes if Im gonna leave the boat in the water a few days. If I'm gonna pull the boat in and out of the water then the RV is too much work. Although theres nothing like A/C and a comfy bed after a hot day in the sun. And the kids love ice cream from the freezer. I bet a back up camera would be nice. Its a little more work to get the boat in the water being the RV is wider then the trailer. Happy hunting.

razzman 03-28-2010 11:37 AM

My brother-in-law has a 25' Winnie based on the ford chassis and the Triton V10. That thing is a stump puller and pulls his boat anywhere no issues. Gotta have a backup camera though as it totally blocks view of the boat. Once he got that he has no issues at the ramp. He did learn that you have to have an all-season type tire on the rear for traction at the ramp otherwise the tires slip around trying to pull outta the water on steeper ramps.

bill_airjunky 03-28-2010 11:48 AM

I always wondered why they don't make those type of RVs with a diesel in them. Seems like the perfect situation for it.

I have a buddy who pulls his 23' LSV with an older Ford class C with a gas 460 big block. It pulls great. It can be a bit of pain in some small ramps/parking lots. But is nice to have all his stuff right there, including his own bed.

tyler97217 03-28-2010 3:53 PM

I have towed with an RV and it is easy. I have also launched with them and if the ramp is big enough you are fine if you know what you are doing. Yes a backup camera makes it much easier. Most (90%) of class C motorhomes, like the one in the picture above will have a 3500 lb hitch and 3500 tow rating. If you move to a class A most of them will have a 5000 lb tow hitch and 5000 lb tow rating. If you look around at the capacities on some of the Class C's you will find that they can do 5000 lb tow capacity, but still have a 3500 lb hitch. If you find one like that, you can upgrade the hitch and tow away. If you don't understand the GVWR and GCVWR info, you should go to your local dealer and learn that stuff so you can make an educated purchase or rental. Remember that most boats nowadays are pushing 5,000 lbs while they are on a trailer, so I would take the right pre-cautions.

dreamer 03-28-2010 4:12 PM

I think my enzo and trailer are more than 5000#'s. I will have to look closely at the towing capacities of some RVs.

captain_542 03-28-2010 4:24 PM

We have a '96 itasca 23 ft. class C motorhome with the v10 and a malibu 23 LSV. it pulls the boat very well. It does struggle to get above 65 mph but i've never had trouble getting up and down a ramp. A backup camera would be nice. I don't have one and need at least two or three spotters to make sure im on track. Good luck finding one they are a blast.

wakeboat 03-29-2010 8:12 AM

http://www.sportsmobile.com/4_4x4sports.html scroll down !!!!:D

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