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wakemania 03-28-2010 10:46 AM

Lessons in Orlando for one day
OK, so I'll have one full day to get in some wakeboarding lessons while in Orlando in a few weeks. Where should I go to get the most (BEST) coaching for that one day. I know it's not much time, but I figure I could pick up some good pointers and maybe a new trick or two.

sidekicknicholas 03-28-2010 10:48 AM

Boarding School
Will Christiend
are they best I've been around

bobenglish 03-28-2010 4:41 PM

I would highly recommend Adam Fields. Excellent teacher and all around nice guy. No attitude.

solo 03-29-2010 7:15 AM

If you only have one day, go see COBE and Tarah at owc for a boat session then ride the cable till your arms fall off!

behindtheboat 03-29-2010 8:17 AM

A lot of it depends on where you're staying, and if you have transportation, need to rent boards, etc.

alans 03-29-2010 9:18 AM

I would say Adam Fields because I know you will have a blast and he is a great coach.

captain_542 03-29-2010 9:31 AM

If you are off season and this will be your first ride in a while I wouldn't expect to ride for more than an hour or so before your arms are dead. Just something to keep in mind when you get out there.

timmo 03-29-2010 11:06 AM

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+10000000000000000 for Cobe & Tarah at OWC, absolutely brilliant. I met Hahn there in Aug 08 (& kicked his ass at ping pong at Cobe's house!) with 4 of us having an absolute blast for a week. Outstanding tuition from a former World champ, patience, care, detail & enthusiasm, in the BEST place to wakeboard.

Cobe took a brand new (2009) Clutch and some new bindings out of their cellophane wrappers, and did this- then when we went in he said "I don't like these bindings much!!!":

wakemania 03-29-2010 12:45 PM

We've been riding a good bit already. I would say at least a dozen times and will probably ride that much more before going. So stamina shouldn't be that big of a deal. I'm just looking for the best instruction I can get for one day. I'll be staying fairly close to OWC, so anything within a 30 minute drive would be fine. I would like to shore up any faults and come away with as much new stuff as possible.

nmcjr 03-29-2010 3:21 PM

I would suggest The Wakeboard Camp in Clermont. This is where Kyle Schmidt is the head coach (the Book DVD, Learnwake.com etc) I will be going for my second time in April, its a great time and the instruction is excellent.

supernatural 03-29-2010 6:08 PM

I just spent a week riding at OWC with Tarah, Cobe, and Jon. And learned three new inverts, plus so many small things that have been huge for my progression. I had a great time there and will deffinately be going back. Really though, all of the camps are great. You cant go wrong with any of them.

wakeriderixi 03-31-2010 12:52 AM

Sean O'Brien man! www.orlandowake.com

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