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feere99 03-26-2010 4:53 PM

which boat can you please help.
i was looking at 2 boats both in my price range. just wanted to know what you guys thought on quality. I know malibu is an overall better boat but the moomba is alot newer. just would like to know what you guys would perfer. also which would have the bigger wake

2003 Wakesetter 23' LSV 25,995.00
298hrs Monsoon motor (335 HP), perfect pass cruise control, Wedge (manual), teak platform, bow and cockpit covers as well as full cover, tower with bimini top (black) and board racks, cockpit table, heater, stereo with sub, remote for stereo, MP3 capable, pull-up cleats

2006 Moomba Mobius LSV $28,900.00
Perfect Pass Pro, board and ski racks, wake plate, upgraded Gravity III ballast (2300lbs), custom canvas cover, bimini, Kenwood audio, dual battery. dripless drive shaft seal, 5.7 Indmar EFI 325HP. Single axle trailer. Low time, only 160 hours

Thanks guys

Moseley618 03-26-2010 5:24 PM

Is this it?

I like it! I have almost the same boat just an 04 with 94 hours just bought it this winter. I have not been out yet. I believe in 06 they redesigned the hull and the wake is supposed to be great. The BU is a great boat and probably throws a great wake and it is cheaper and you will need the extra money for upgrades. "Trust Me" I think you could get the Moomba for a little less I would offer $27,343.00. I always like to offer an odd number so it throws them off their game. Bottom line either one will be great.

feere99 03-26-2010 5:41 PM

ya thats it . I really like the malibu. I havent seen a moomba inperson so I cant judge how they are , but ive seen many malibu and they seems like there build great. iam not in a rush to get anything just waiting on some money I might be getting so iam just looking around. I was looking into it 3-4 yrs ago but stopped now that I might have the funds were looking back into it

Moseley618 03-26-2010 6:34 PM

Is the BU on onlyinboards also? I would like to see it. I bet it would be a great boat. You can go over to the Moomba site and ask the guys with more experience what they think about it they are good guys.

mhunter 03-27-2010 7:48 AM

What a crappy ad only one pic? Both boats are good but newer is always better. Is there any warranty left on the Moomba? If you are in FL I have seen a lot of good deals from there.
The final determination should be made after test driving.

benjaminp 03-27-2010 10:15 AM

I am by no means an expert with either boat, but from going to a few boat shows and just sitting in and walking around Moombas, and comparing to other Malibus I see at the shows and a VLX I ride in, the interior of the Malibus just seems to be nicer. Its just all the little differences that I seem to notice, for example the seats in Moombas seem to be a lot lower to the floor. I realize that this is something really small when looking at the whole boat, but when you add up four or five little things like that, it just got me thinking. I also noticed the Moombas seem to have much smaller bows. But this is comparing two really good boats to eachother. Just thought I would give you a heads up because you havent seen a Moomba in person.

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