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showmedonttellme 03-26-2010 12:46 PM

07/08/09 X-Star Owners Question
I'm thinking about upgrading to a Star in the near future. I've ridden one with the 350, and one with the LY. The 350 MCX was a slug coming out of the water when sacked out(we had to drop down to 2k), but that was 3 years ago, before the new 14.5x14.25 Props came on scene.

My question is, does anyone out there with the smaller 350 and newer prop sack the boat out heavily (i.e. 3500-4000lbs) and have success?

For reference, we were putting 3400 in my 03' X-2(The current X-1) last year. Please guys, dont let this turn into a post about whether or not you think the boat needs that much weight for a great wake.

Thanks Guys.

xaggie 03-26-2010 3:03 PM

I've had good luck with the 14.25 X 14.5 running up to 2k and 4-5 people in the MCX X-Star. Also the only thing you didn't mention is altitude, which from your profile we can assume pretty close to sealevel. Refrence the thread below, and call OJ or Acme directly if you need anymore help.


mnwakerider 03-26-2010 5:00 PM

Last year I rode with the guys from NoStyle Poductions shooting Colin Ryan they ran the full Fly High X-Star kit like this one - http://www.waterskis.com/Custom-X-St...st_upgrade.htm
That along with stock and two more 750's on the floor (one all the way in the nose and one next to the driver). He ran the Acme 14.5X13.7 and it came out of the hole pretty good. It came out of the hole really solid, but took a little more time to get from 18-25. I think that a 14.25X14 from OJ is also good. Almost same hole shot, but a little faster from 18+.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

njskier 03-26-2010 8:39 PM

Ran my '05 X-star (MCX) last year a few times with the OJ 14.25 X 14.5 prop with 2500# ballast and 6-7 people on it. A bit slow getting up to speed and you could tell the engine was not happy moving all of that weight. In your case I would really suggest the LY6 especially with more than 2500# of weight.

wake77 03-27-2010 9:17 AM

I have the LY6 (07 XStar). Like Dave said, I would strongly consider that motor if you anticipate riding with that much weight. I mean you could probably reprop and be fine with MCX, but you need to examine how you plan to use it.

dlamont 03-27-2010 10:53 AM

LY6 always. Especially if you are at elevation.

cmcxstar 03-30-2010 5:16 PM

I have the LY6, run a Fly High set up, and the boat comes out of the water just fine. I don't even know what prop is on my boat because it's the stock one.

gregholloway 04-01-2010 9:18 AM

I also have the LY6...07' model that's for sale in the classifieds. 250 hours. I test drove one with the MCX, took my sacs with me and at just over 3000 lb's and 5 people it would not get to speed! Hence I ordered the LY6!! There's no way I would spend that much money on a boat and be inhibited on how big I want my wake!

guido 04-01-2010 11:49 AM

Corby.... LY6 all the way, brotha. You wont be satisfied at Bullards with the MCX. We couldn't even get our LY6 on plane there last year. We had to drop at least 1k of weight. We've got another prop on the boat now. Supposed to be the miracle OJ that everyone loves. We'll see how she runs.

Honestly, the 8.1 is where it's at. That puppy would pull a house and still get on plane. 4,500lbs and 8 people.... No problem. Ha, ha. Right up until the motor goes boom. Al and I have a fix for that, though. MC just needs to hire us on. We'll work their big block problems right out. The up side is that you never have to change the oil with the 8.1's. They always seem to blow right around that 100hr mark.

acurtis_ttu 04-01-2010 1:05 PM

My neighbor sacs his 05 X-star with 3500-4k depending on people, got the MCX and the 14.5 prop. It's still sluggish out of the hole. You've got to slam the throttle down and usually have someone stand in the walkway to plane. He's got about 1100 hours on the boat, still runnin strong! been thru one transmission. ( under warranty). It sucks down gas.

xaggie 04-01-2010 2:31 PM

Awww come on, I've had the L-18 in my past 3 boats and never had one problem. After the Exhaust fix and ECU re flash it's actually easier to drive than the LY6 boats. The guy I sold my '03 X-30 has 600+ hours on it no problem.

Adam, I had almost got rid of that mental picture and now I'm going to have V-Drive carnage nightmares all over again. That poor poor boat.

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