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phantom5815 03-26-2010 6:00 AM

What I learn at Photoshop World.
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New upgrades coming out next month Lightroom; You can download LR Beta 2 right now for free. This is what the changes are:

The New Import
Web Publishing
Improved Vignettes
Improved Noise
New Grain Effect
Develop Enhancements
Slideshow Improvements
Custom Printing

CS5 is coming out as well. 64bit for Mac.

Becoming much more user friendly. Dragging is from panel to panel is nice.

3D pictures is also the next best thing since slice bread.
I was wondering if they took Shaun's latest rooster tail picture and put it in 3D how it would look?

phantom5815 03-27-2010 4:43 AM


Too bad LR 3 beta 2 will expire when the new software becomes available on April 12. So much easier to use. Especially the Tethered capture.

dakid 03-27-2010 9:42 AM

you should check out the photography forum from time to time. ;)

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