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wake_upppp 03-24-2010 8:40 PM

One Winter Project Down...
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Work was slow last week so I took a few days and completely re-did my 06 V/M tandem trailer. New Kuhmo tires, all new pressure treated wood and marine carpet, new custom wiring harness, LED light upgrade, new diamond plate with NO rivets, welded previous rivet holes up because that's where they start rusting, all stainless steel hardware, Imron single stage paint. Did a minor gelcoat repair and buffed the bottom while it was sitting/hanging there off the trailer also. The casters on the back are temporary until my heavy duty ones arrive from McMaster-Carr.

ryanw209 03-24-2010 9:03 PM

Dang looks good sparky! I wish I had the means and skills to do paint and body work like that. I like the little rollers you added on the bottom of the rear of the trailer.

bjeremi 03-24-2010 9:07 PM

Dang that looks good. Need to find a place to put my boat not on the trailer for just one weekend.

mhunter 03-24-2010 10:34 PM

Good deal looks like new again time and money well spent.

ajholt7 03-25-2010 12:57 AM

Looks awesome. I gotta replace a damaged bunk this year.

rio_sanger 03-25-2010 5:41 AM

Nice work Sparky!

I have the same exact trailer in blue, and it is over due. You've got me motivated.
You're right about the rivet holes under the diamond plate, what a poor design. Mine have rusted through, and I since pulled off all the diamond plate and just painted the fenders and steps temporarily.

The black looks sharp, I may just go that route also. My tower is black and there is some black striping in my gel coat so I think it will look fine with my boat.

I just may PM you once I get into it, if I have any questions.

grant_west 03-25-2010 8:10 AM

Sparky looks great,

Now please tell us all as someone that is in the business, How much would it cost someone to bring their trailer to you and have you paint it just like you did. Keep in mind your trailer didn't look that bad to start with. So lets say a trailer that's a 4 or 5 out of a 10. What would be the cost to sand and re paint. My guess is somewhere in the range of $1500 to $2500 range depending on how bad the orignal finish is.

I see all these people saying $500 to $700 dollars to re paint a trailer and I just laugh. I dont know if Miracle or Earl Shibe would do it that low but some how that's the cost I see everyone talking about please put it to rest.

I payed $1500 for DHM to repaint my trailer and IMO they did a pretty poor job.

wake77 03-25-2010 8:52 AM

Looks worse than when you started...

I'm kidding. Looks great, awesome job. You are definitely a pro.

ottog1979 03-25-2010 8:59 AM

Sweet! I have the exact same trailer (black, pin stripes & all). I'm also having rust issues around my diamond plate. How did you secure it to the fenders without using the riveletts?

wake_upppp 03-25-2010 10:27 AM

^^^The diamond plate came straight from V/M pre-cut and with two sided tape on the back. For now I just have the two sided tape holding them on and I will keep am eye on them to see if they start coming off. Grant, I had about 40 hrs into it and about $500 in materials for everything. I would say your gestimate is pretty close in the $2000 range for a trailer that isn't too far gone to be done correctly. Thanks for the positive comments guys.

grant_west 03-25-2010 11:20 AM

Yea 2K is about what I thought. You know there is pople out there saying " 2K to paint my trailer thats way to much" LOL. Yea guy's we have seen your $500 paint job's they look great with your cell phone cammera pic's LOL. I Know what quality materials cost these days, I just laugh at the people that IMO have no idea what thing's cost and no idea what's involved in doing it correctly but somehow know what things like this cost, LOL Great Job

hatepain 03-25-2010 12:13 PM

Look s awesome Sparky, great job. I like the idea of putting some gator grip on the trailer where the straps attach. I suppose for me it doesn't matter since I nerver strap my boat down :)

delmage171 03-29-2010 8:53 AM

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Here is my trailer update as well! I would have liked to spray the trailer but since money is a bit of a factor on a student budget this is what I did...

- sanded/wire wheeled trailer
- re painted glossy black (by hand)
- used mothers Polish on the diamond plate
- new nautique guide pads
- Fulton f2 Jack
- new Winch

i guess my crappy iphone picture is covering up my crappy paint job...lol

$2000 is alot to spend on painting a boat trailer but I am sure it would look more professional

gunz 03-29-2010 9:03 AM

Sparks trailer looks even better in person.
I was absolutly in awe at the job he did,so much so,that I went home and threw rocks at mine.;)

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