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sippi 03-23-2010 8:41 AM

Erik Ruck in Metronome song?
Does anybody know the song during Ruck's section in Metronome? I tried searching but couldn't get an answer. Thanks in advance!

denverd1 03-23-2010 8:50 AM

thats takin it back a few years.... great vid tho. Ruck's section is full of hammers.

okcwakebrdr 03-23-2010 8:54 AM

Ya one of my fav sections. He hits a HUGE D-UP in that i think it was a front mobe maybe. Way tall. Not sure of the song tho, does it not say in the end of the credits.

mracrew 03-23-2010 9:01 AM

Cub Country- Butterfly

sippi 03-23-2010 9:28 AM

awesome preciate it guys! great section!

srh00z 03-23-2010 6:55 PM

Ruck had a great section in Metronome. The short clips I have seen of him in Hype's new film were really good too.

ironj32 03-23-2010 6:57 PM

Chris is right, it's Butterfly by Cub Country

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