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03-22-2010 8:21 PM

Ronix One or Slingshot
I just recieved a brand new ronix one replacement board, I am having trouble deciding whether to sell it and buy a new Slingshot Recoil, Response, or Reflex or keep my One. I have heard some pretty good reviews over the slingshots and seen some very nice results in the alliance board test. What have you guys expierienced with the slingshots, and what is your idea on what I should do. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

sidekicknicholas 03-22-2010 8:44 PM

I was on the ronix Ibex (which I like more than the one)... as soon as I tried the slingshot I instantly sold my ronix setup and got slingshot stuff

behindtheboat 03-23-2010 5:40 AM

Ride before you buy.

03-24-2010 6:27 PM

I was going to try and demo a slingshot or company, but no one in the dallas area sells slingshot (except DWC will when they open this summer) and the new company's havent come out yet. Im pretty sold on getting a slingshot, but is it worth selling my Ronix One replacement for it?

wakerider111 03-24-2010 10:49 PM

i know it is hard to hear, but absolutely and truthfully it will be worth it only if you find that you like it in the end. flex is as different as 3 stage is to continuous... more so probably.
i personally for me would without question get a slingshot but for others it would be a mistake. only you can tell for you

best you can do without demoing is to compare the two with as open and critical a mind as you can. does the description (both company descriptions and rider description) coincide with your style of riding? do you believe the claims? do they make sense to you in relation to what you already know?

for example
do you believe the slingshot will land softer? in respect of ronix claim that featureless bottoms land with more momentum, slinghot has even less feature and has flex too. if you believe that though. some say they land like a ton of bricks
pop? well the opinions stray both ends of the spectrum here. some say they get more and some say they get less.
will flex mess with your edge controll? ie torsional flex?
will you enjoy the added pressability the board has to offer, even on the water?
do you believe a featureless bottom will be more forgivng? at first i didn't, but now i do. flex i believe has something to do with forgiveness too. like landing nose heavy, the board tends to flex out of it instead of diving and crashing.

this and more you have to weigh and gamble

norcalbordr 03-25-2010 7:06 PM

Its tough to ask people which board is better for you. You need to ride both and buy the one that you feel better on. I have ridden the One since it first came out and I love it. I'm so comfortable on it that I don't even feel the need to try another board, but if you are having doubts, go demo a Slingshot then decide at that point.

trickyboarder08 03-26-2010 1:26 AM

I jumped on the slingshot bandwagon in '08 and bought the recoil. I was coming from a '06 Shane and it was a very comfortable switch, I didn't get the big difference people claim when first getting on the slingshot. In my opinion the slingshot gives you more freedom and it holds it's edge exactly the way I want it to. It's the first board I felt that I had total control over. I repped slingshot again last summer and I got the '09. I let all my friends ride the '08 and everyone seems to fall in love with that board, in fact one of my friends is buying a recoil for this year because he rode mine. Everyone says slingshot isn't for everyone, but I have yet to see someone who has rode one and didn't absolutely love it.

dakid 03-26-2010 1:37 AM

weird how you're totally sold on a board you've never ridden.

demo to avoid having to convince yourself all season that you made the right decision.


Originally Posted by trickyboarder08 (Post 1566044)
Everyone says slingshot isn't for everyone, but I have yet to see someone who has rode one and didn't absolutely love it.

most of my friends stuck w/ their boards. i rode the shane, tried the ss, and stuck w/ the shane...love that board. not saying ss doesn't make good boards. they're just not for me.

jps912 03-26-2010 6:51 AM

Try to demo for sure. I switched to a recoil from a hyperlite parks last year and I tried really hard to get used to it but everyone told me i went bigger with a non flex board. I rode it for the entire season but now going to a ronix viva. its all preference it just sucks to buy a board and not end up liking it.

03-26-2010 1:59 PM

Ronix Viva all the way!!!!!!!!! suck it

kristian 03-26-2010 2:14 PM

As with what everyone else said: Demo! Flex boards work for some peoples riding style and not for others...... but that can be said for most boards. If you jump on the Slingshot and like the low drag feel but aren't feeling the flex, go try out the Ronix Bill. It has that feel but without the softness. Plus its just s sick board.

03-26-2010 4:57 PM

Thanks for all the help guys!!

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