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dakid 03-22-2010 12:51 PM

new site/portfolio is up
check it out when you get a chance. any questions or feedback, let me know!



dcervenka 03-22-2010 3:21 PM

I like it! clean, effective, awesome gallery viewer/player thinga-ma-ching for your videos and photos...

Dig it and now I will be checking and looking for updates daily! :)

skull 03-22-2010 7:13 PM

looks good Joe... portfolio is looking solid.

mroy 03-23-2010 4:23 PM

Looks great Joe, clean and easy to navigate.

supraride 03-23-2010 6:12 PM

Wow Joe that looks really nice. Did you set it up and do the website yourself? Great job.

wakesurf12 03-24-2010 5:52 PM

Dig it Joe!

dakid 03-26-2010 2:12 AM

thanks y'all.

tony, i did it with a lot of help though from cervenka from dpcfilms.com and wade of dcwake.com, as well as feedback from scott a.

dakid 03-26-2010 2:23 AM

btw, check back often for blog/site updates. :)


barry 03-26-2010 10:45 AM

Your site looks phenomenal!
Tell Kyle an old crusty fella named Barry from WW said happy birthday.

dakid 03-29-2010 1:34 PM

thanks barry!

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