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poser007 03-21-2010 7:52 PM

DTW Where Are You?
Just got done watching the Jones Vera Fight. Thought surely you would have had a post on here about tonights fights. ANyway John Jones is for real

lizzyb 03-22-2010 8:54 AM

Yeah.. where is Dave?? Nothing on the upcoming GSP/Hardy card either? This has to be the best card in ages.. we need your commentary!

Jones is legit!

mendo247 03-22-2010 10:14 AM

DTW misses the old sight... as must a few other regulars I dont see anymore.

poser007 03-22-2010 10:57 AM

Yeah I am not a big fan of the new site either it wouldnt let me sign on and I was gone for about 2 months but decided to get back on last week. Like anything i think you just need to do it for a while and then it begins to get familiar.

Last night had some amazing fights. Jr. Dos Santos is freaking crazy with his stand up. Bones may be giving Anderson and Machida a run for their money and Kongo flipped and wrestled how crazy is that? Anyway I want GSP to crush hardy. Really looking forward to it.

ponyh8r 03-22-2010 11:51 AM

I'm with Elizabeth. After a dry spell of poor cards the next few look really exciting. I also want to see GSP shut Dan's mouth up. I personally don't see any way, besides a punchers chance, that Hardy can win. He will most likely spend most of the night on his back.

Frank and Carwin should be a good fight. If Frank can handle Carwin then it should be a good indicator of how well he will do in a rematch against Brock. This one for me is a toss up though. Shane can put anyone to sleep at anytime on his feet, he has the potential to treat Frank just as Brock did with regards to wrestling and he can absorb a large amount of punishment. Frank has the edge in jits, if he can create space with his hips and keep his shoulders off the ground to posture up.

I see the Fitch and Alves fight going the same as last time. Fitch will likely be too much for Alves.

lizzyb 03-22-2010 12:46 PM

This upcoming card is awesome. I give Hardy a puncher's chance, also. Matt Sera has proven that it's not impossible, but it is highly unlikely. If you've been watching the GSP/Hardy specials, you've seen that GSP is a monster. He isn't kidding when he's saying that this is the best GSP anyone has ever seen. His training is insane!

I'd like to see Carwin win the fight. Mir just bugs me and I don't have any interest in seeing him fight Brock a third time. Give Cain/Carwin/Dos Santos a chance. In my opinion, it should be Cain/Carwin fighting for an interim shot.

poser007 03-22-2010 3:13 PM

Elizabeth, u took the words right out of my mouth. If Mir wins, I would rather see Dos Santos fight Carwin or Cane. I have no interest in seeing another Mir Lesnar fight. IMO Lesnar will just throw Mir down again and punch him out on the ground. Boring. I want to see someone give Lesnar a problem. The only 2 I see doing that are Cane and Carwin with their wrestling.

I also have been watching GSP Train and man he was jumping 20 inches off the ground with 185lbs in his back that insane and also dangerous. GSP is the best conditioned fighter in all of MMA IMO and I agree Hardy has a the punchers chance. I just don't see anyone at 170 taking it to GSP he is just to good in every aspect of the game. His wrestling is top notch, stand up amond the best, his kicks are awesome, his BJJ very good. His conditioning is on another level so for anyone to beat him they are going to have to knock him out. 2 guys I dont see being beat in their divisions

BJ Penn

Alves Fitch sh

lizzyb 03-22-2010 3:47 PM

Glad I'm not the only one that isn't into a Mir/Lesnar rematch. Come on Carwin!

GSP is ridiculous. I would agree that he's the best conditioned athlete in MMA. The only weakness I can see is that he might not have the toughest chin. I can't see any other holes in his game and because of that, I think it's going to take a lucky punch to defeat him.

I like both Fitch and Alves.. but I'm pulling for Fitch.

What a great card!

notsobueno 03-22-2010 3:52 PM

I'm here. Been busy. Sorry. I will start a thread for the GSP card here tonight. I promise.

I must say I was overall a bit let down by the Vera/ Jones fight. Although I expected Jones to win, all Vera's talk was about getting back his killer finishing instinct. He never attempted one submission. wound up sustaining 3 fractures in his cheekbone for his aggressiveness haha. Im afraid Vera is going to get dropped.

And was quite disappointed with Gonzaga too. He had JDS on the ground and was inches from taking his back, but let him off the hook then never attempted another takedown. I can promise you that Cain, Carwin, Lesnar, Mir will all be working hard to get JDS onto the ground.

Even Kongo has evolved into a strategist and plays to win the fight. Why do guys think they have to stand up with JDS or Paul Daley? I just don't get it.

poser007 03-22-2010 4:04 PM

Dave I know we don't know each other really that well but I have to say it is good hearing from you. It's kind of weird you get on a board like this and talk to people youve never met and actually look forward to hearing from them. I was kind of depressed when i heard you weren't on the board anymore.

Anyway back to the fight scene. I agree vera talked a good game but did not bring the tenacity he talked about. I believe Jones could give Machida and Silva a run for their money. I haven't seen elbows like that since David Lawasal. (Spelling).

Unless Santos can really learn to stop the take down he will not beat Lesnar Carwin or Cane. Especially lesnar. I guarentee Lesnar will drop Sanots on his butt all night unless he gest cuaght with a shot first. Carwin sometimes makes the mistake of standing up to much and with Santos I think that would be a huge mistake. I see Santos as having similar stand up to Fedor but not the over all game Fedor has. What say you?

lizzyb 03-22-2010 4:26 PM

Dave is here... crisis averted! We've missed you. What would we do without you on these threads? ;)

notsobueno 03-22-2010 7:41 PM

You guys are so SWEET. I think I'm blushing.

notsobueno 03-22-2010 7:48 PM

Yeah, that Elbow that JBJ nailed Vera with was just brutal. 3 fractures in his cheek. And to think that that was a very very reserved performance from JBJ. The kid will be champion within 2 years IMO. He just put himself easily into the only get top ten fighters from now on category. I would like to see JBJ fight the following:

Ryan Bader
Lil Nog
Luiz Cane

Hell, if JBJ is in a fight, I will be watching. The kid is amazing.

I thought JDS looked great last night. Very confident. Fastest hands in the HW division. Got taken down but jumped right back up. and Pounded Gonzaga. JDS is clearly a top 5 HW at this point. will be interesting to see what they do with him. Against Cain, would be an amazing fight. Theres been talks that if neither Carwin nor Mir can go against Lesnar (probably for recovery reasons) that Cain will get the nod. He deserves it. Otherwise JDS vs. Cain will likely happen. We will find out after this coming weekend, depending on what all happens with Mir vs. Carwin. That fight will answer a lot of questions about the HW division.

poser007 03-22-2010 11:38 PM

The cool thing about the sport is it is always changing. Just when you thought Machida was gonna be champ for a long time here comes John Bones Jones. Whenjust a year ago the heavy weight division looked pathetic, now it's stacked.

Still don't see anyone in 170 who can challenge GSP or 155 who can challenge Penn. The only ones who can beat these 2 are themselves. Especially Penn since he has a tendancey to under train. The cool thing with Jones is atleast if he fights and beats Machida we can tehn see a fight between he and Anderson Silva. Silva will knock him out if it stays on the feet but I see Jones taking him down and using those Elbows to TKO Silva. Exciting stuff

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