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deltabri 03-21-2010 6:47 PM

Great customer service/ Sick amp!
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I have to give a shout out to Brian with Exile. After 2 months + of him putting up with hours of my Skype conversations (sometimes as late as 10-11pm), I finally made first Exile purchase.

I needed to replace my stolen JL audio amp. I also wanted to add another 12W7 to the system (2 total). After the last few months of looking around I decided to go with the Exile 2500.1 (pushing a good 1000w to each JL 12W7). I am so stoked with this amp! I installed it yesterday and my JLís are dancing like a mofo! The amp looks clean, sounds clean and stays very cool. I canít wait to hit the water!

Thank you, not only for this SICK amp, but taking all of that extra time to compare and evaluate my options. Peace!

watersun 03-22-2010 2:18 PM

I am currently waiting on 4 XM7 tower speakers and a Harpoon amp from Brian and I can't wait to get everything. Hopefully it will be coming in soon! I will agree that Brian has been great to deal with and very helpful so far! I will post some pics and comments once everything gets installed.

mmandley 03-22-2010 4:20 PM

WOW sexy amp man. I have the 1500.1 in my boat, just got it powered up, it running a custom made Big 12 Exile sub. It has a little beefier VC and Magnet set up. That thing dances so much i had to ask Brian if thats normal, he smiled and said keep turning it up Mike it can take every bit of that amp LOL.

That thing pounds.

I also have 4 XM7s on my tower and powered with there prototype Harpoon amp. OMG is all i can say, its freaking crazy loud. If Portland weather wasn't so unpredictable i could have had the boat outside and did a distance test. I have a should video only 2 minutes or so from yesterday indoors.


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