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jonyb 03-19-2010 10:21 PM

New Mastercraft dealer in Western KY!
Before I post anything else, I just wanna state that I'm in no way affilliated with this dealer, nor do I own a Mastercraft. Not to say I won't, but since a larger city just south of us no longer sells MC, there may be some MC owners that need a dealer or dealer service, so I just wanted to pass this on.


Kentuckiana Yacht Sales has picked up Mastercraft. Looking at their inventory, they've got an X-45, X-35, and an X-2 so far. They're also a large Sea-Doo, Veranda, and Sea Ray dealer for our area. Lots of happy customers....

Mods and David, if this is inappropriate then I apologize and please delete the thread.

ajholt7 03-21-2010 5:50 AM

Just a couple of years ago I was there looking at a centurion and they were telling me why they chose to be a Centurion dealer over Mastercraft. I wonder what changed their minds.

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