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stang_killa_ss 03-19-2010 8:39 AM

is this a good deal on 2010 Shane bindings?

kyle_L 03-19-2010 10:58 AM

Ummm well being that they retail at $399.99 and those are $299 and they are brand new. Looks like you are getting a good deal lol. That is of course only if the laws of subtraction are still the same from when they were invented however many thousand years ago :)

flydenrict 03-19-2010 2:41 PM

Yeah that is good. check out the cost of shipping just to be sure

flydenrict 03-19-2010 2:42 PM

I'm dumb. Yeah with $20 shipping, anything under $400 is good

beleza 03-20-2010 1:28 AM

good deal... but freakin fugly.

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