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fink 03-19-2010 6:26 AM

Wakeboard Handle
Hi Everyone,

I'll keep this short and to the point. I'm new into the whole wakeboarding scene. I've been doing it for about a year and I can't get enough of it. Anyways, the handle I use know is just killing my hands (the grip is terrible). So I'm planning on buying a new one but I have no idea how to replace my old handle and attach this new one to the rope I'm using now. Can someone give me a quick rundown of how to do it or help me find an online video or something that explains it (cuz I can't find one anywhere). Thanks a lot.

ajholt7 03-19-2010 7:22 AM

Proline LG. The chamois grip is nice. It is the only handle I can use since my hand surgery. The handle comes with a short piece of rope. Once you see it, it is obvious how to change it out.

andy_nintzel 03-19-2010 7:55 AM

take loop in the handle and put it in through the loop in the end of the rope. once the handle is through grab a chunk of rope and pull that through loop in the end of the handle. Pull all the rope through the handle loop and presto its connected!

I would suggest looking into Helium product they make some great handles.


cjh1669 03-19-2010 8:12 AM

I've got a Ronix north that I love. So comfortable, though a little thick so not great if you have small hands

hockeysk8er222 03-20-2010 9:38 AM

+1 for chamois

irishrider92 03-20-2010 2:20 PM

+1 for the north. Its really nice and spongey although i also love a really thin byerly handle that my friend uses. Just a matter of preference. Word of warning though, steer clear of StraightLine Carbon grail and saphire handles. They have this thing in the middle that absolutely tears up hands if you hold it in the middle.

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