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sippi 03-19-2010 12:20 AM

Question about 2010 Murray
Had a few questions about the new Murray board. First, does anybody know about how much it weighs? I'll be getting the 142, just debating on whether or not the Nova core is worth the extra money. So I'm wanting to know about the difference in weight in the two.I currently have a 08 Murray, so what is the weight difference in that, the new Bio core and the Nova core? The other question I had is about the strata track. I'm going to keep my bindings until probably the end of this year so will my 07 shanes work with the strata track or not? I saw the video about how it works and whatnot and it looks like they will, just curious as I don't want to buy a board that my bindings won't fit. Speaking of that, will they fit on the bio core Murray? I think most everything is going to 6" plates and I'm pretty sure my 07 Shanes are 8". I guess my question about the bindings and boards would be, what will work, do I need to get a new plate or something, or what.

stang_killa_ss 03-19-2010 8:48 AM

i know the LF fly cores drop about 1.25 - 1.5 pounds. so the HL is probly about the same.
i test rode a 09 murray and loved it. was damn light too and was the bio(2) core.

wakelab 03-19-2010 9:28 AM

I have the 2010 Murray 142 Nova & I love it! Its super light, fast, tons of pop, soft landings, edges like a dream but breaks loose when you want it....what more could you want? As far as the stratta track, you will be fine with any sz boot pattern because you have infinite mounting options. Your Shanes will fit just fine on their. Good luck, hope this helped

sippi 03-19-2010 11:02 AM


Originally Posted by wakelab (Post 1563504)
I have the 2010 Murray 142 Nova & I love it! Its super light, fast, tons of pop, soft landings, edges like a dream but breaks loose when you want it....what more could you want? As far as the stratta track, you will be fine with any sz boot pattern because you have infinite mounting options. Your Shanes will fit just fine on their. Good luck, hope this helped

awesome that's what I needed to know. I appreciate it!

sippi 03-22-2010 10:47 AM

BEFORE YOU EVEN READ THIS, PLEASE DON'T REPLY WITH "DEMO THE BOARDS", because #1, I know that's the best option, this isn't my first go around. and #2, i think there are many people out there like me, who simply don't have that luxury!

Derry, did you happen to ride the 08-09 shape Murray board? I am wondering what the differences will be in the 08-09 shape and the 2010 shape. I know its completely different, which is why i was wanting a comparison. I like my 08, but the reason i wanted to change this year is because of the things i don't really like about the 08-09. I want a better pop off the wake, i don't like the pop with that particular board. I did at first, but that was because i was coming from a 06 Murray before this one. Also, i do like how loose it is, because i think its fun to be able to break free easily and do surface stuff, slides, and whatnot, but I want something that's going to not be AS loose, and track better. The tracking on the 08 isn't what i would like. I also wanted to go for a board with the aluminum fins rather than the molded in fins on the side and the removable one in the middle. Also, I've ridden the 09 Marek and like it alot. It tracks so much better than my murray and really holds the edge, but the only thing i didn't like about the Marek was how it released off the wake, and I was wanting to get a 3-stage rocker this year because i like the pop they give you, BUT i like the speed of a continuous. I had read a little about the new murray and it seemed like it would take care of all those things. I also LOVED how light the marek is. Is the 2010 NOVA Murray about the same weight as the 09 Marek? I know they are both NOVA cores but i also know things change from year to year. I don't know if they are made the same or not.

So a good comparison of the 08-09 Murray to the 2010 Murray, or even the 09 Marek to the 2010 Murray would be extremely helpful as i don't have the option to demo anything. Thanks in advance!

airdrew32 03-22-2010 12:07 PM

I will chime in here because I because I just made the change from a 2009 Murray 145 to a 2010 Murray 142 (bio).

I rode the 2009 Murray all of last year and it has been my favorite board since I started riding.
I broke the 2009 and got the 2010 on warranty. I have never ridden the Marek.

I am 6-6, 220 and so I like the speed of the continuous rocker boards. Some 3-stage boards I have ridden have really bogged down on me especially on landings. So I was worried about the rocker change but it turns out I didn't need to be worried at all and I am now glad that my 2009 board broke.

My first ride on the 2010 was amazing. Speed was never an issue as I never bogged down while cutting into the wake or landing. The fins were just the right size because the board tracked the way I like a board to track but I could break them loose when needed.

My friends told me that I looked better and more comfortable and that I was getting some extra height that I didn't normally get. I could definitely feel the extra pop that this board gave over the 2009 but it didn't seem like anything was sacrificed to give this extra pop. I have nothing negative to say about the board after 2 sets so far.

One other thing is that it seemed to release quicker or cleaner off the wake. Not sure if that makes sense, or it was just in my head, but I seemed to have much more control in the air because I came off the wake so clean. One example is that on my shifty, everyone said
1: they were bigger than before (thanks 3-stage) and
2: that I was getting more rotation and holding them longer.

Since I haven't really ridden this winter expect for some freezing sessions where just jumping the wake was a accomplishment, I had to give credit to the new board.

Hope that helps! Good luck with your decision.

sippi 03-22-2010 12:29 PM

andrew, thanks for the reply man, definitely somethings i wanted to hear. You said you got the 2010 Bio, and weight difference might be not very easily comparable since you went from a 145 to a 142, but was there a weight difference in those two or were they about the same? Also, as i have said, i have the 07 Shance bindings. I won't be getting new bindings until probably the end of the summer, or at least later in the summer. So would my current bindings fit if i were to get the bio Murray? I don't know if the new Murray Bio has the 6" holes or the 8". or actually, i don't know if my bindings are 6 or 8" to be honest. I'm figuring they are the 8" and i thought most of the new boards were going with 6" holes. is this a problem or not? Thanks again!

wakelab 03-22-2010 2:15 PM

Sippi- I did ride the 08/09 Murray 140 and liked that board alot. Then a buddy got a Marek 141 (nova), I rode that & liked it even more than Murray (it was so light and faster into the wake) so I switched to the Marek. Since I'm such a fan of Nelson & Murray's shapes, & reading about the new shape, I had to give the 2010 Murray 142 (nova) a try. I'd definatley say it rides like the Marek in my opinion. Just as light, just as fast, same pop, the Marek just has a lil bit harder rail. I'm completely stoked on both the Marek & new Murray, but I'm gonna keep ridin the Murray for sure. I also liked the lil bit more surface area on the 142 Murray vs 141 Marek. I'm also a huge fan of the Nova core & Stratta mntng systm. The boards are crazy light & who doesnt like infinate stance options! Let me know if I can help you out with any more info.

sippi 03-22-2010 2:54 PM

Derry, Thanks man i appreciate it. One question, when you say the Marek has a little bit of a "harder" rail, what do you mean. I've heard of sharper rail and stuff just not harder.

wakelab 03-23-2010 7:20 PM

Thats exactly what I meant.....sharper.

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